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The tranquil beauty of a late Summer pink sky in Connecticut - PH: Jason JobsonThere are many colors thought of as classics in the fashion world, and in life.  Black, White, Navy, and for certain areas of the United States - Pink.  Pink is a staple in the warmer, sunnier parts of the US, and more of a novelty in cities like New York or Chicago.  ACNE STUDIOS - Wool & Cashmere notched collar coat - $1,410.00There is something about the amount of sunlight and temperature that a place gets throughout the year that changes the way people relate to colors in their life.   

Pink is romantic, pretty, natural, and calming to list just a few appealing qualities to this color found so beautifully in nature.  For Fall 2016, fashion designers creating the most exclusive collections showcased stunning items in various shades of pink.  GUCCI FALL 2016 PINK SILK DRESS The chic effect PINK has when mixed with black and white. This Salvatore Ferragamo Silk Blouse and reptile handbag with gold chain strap in stores now.

In world of makeup and beauty of course pink is a staple every season, in every category.  CHANEL is one brand that leads the industry in using the color pink.  One of the most popular items are lip gloss and lipsticks.YSL PINK LIP GLOSS STUNNING PINK HYDRAGEAS SEEN IN CONNECTICUT - PH: JASON JOBSON  To see examples available at Nordstrom - click - CHANEL LIP GLOSS.   YSL is also a leader in all things pink in their collection. 

It's no surprise so many gardeners around the world choose pink flowers and plants for their own gardens.  What is more beautiful than flowers like these pink hydrangeas.

Of course, the attraction to pink could be due to the most natural, if not evolutionary reasons.  Most mammals are pinker in color in the most delicate parts of the body from face, to hands, to genitals.  Of course we are soothed by, and drawn to the color - in all shades.

For more information about the fashion shows, click images.  

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BIRKENSTOCK EVA ARIZONA SANDAL - $35.00 - MADE IN GERMANYTHE BLUE EVA BIRKENSTOCK ARIZONA - GET ONE BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!Few shoe designs are as iconic as the ever ready Birkenstock.  The sandal, with its cork sole and leather or suede upper is known around the world as much for its therapeutic comfort as it is for its timeless design.  The Birkenstock is a classic shoe that serves as a type of Rorshach test for the fashion world. BIRKENSTOCK RED EVA ARIZONA When eyeing someone up wearing the sandal, some see a crunchy granola, some a trendy hipster, and the list goes on.  The Birkenstock is as ubiquitous a shoe as a Suburu is a car.  From the New England Lesbian that loves her Golden Retrievers to a Porltandia husband with a passion for museum tours, both the car and shoe can feel right at home in the closet of each.  In fact, it's hard to think of a stereotyped demographic that hasn't adopted the Birkenstock.  The company has been around since 1774, but it wasn't until 1967 that Americans got on the bus to healthy, happy feet through a sandal!  So while you probably should own a pair, they can be limiting in terms of being an appropriate choice of footwear when you want give a stylish, but casual vibe.BIRKENSTOCK EVA ARIZONA SANDAL - AVAILABLE IN NAVY AT OPENING CEREMONY

Enter the Birkenstock EVA Arizona. This rubber-like EVA sandal is the German sandal makers answer to the Croc.  That excuse of footwear is a worldwide phenom that started for kids and is now seen on tacky tourists and lazy husbands from around the globe.   BIRKENSTOCK BLACK EVA ARIZONA No one that follows fashion wears Crocs, and the Arizona from Birkenstock is a chic option when a fun, casual shoe is what you are looking for.   The sandal also contains much less VOCs than PVC.  **you get a pass for Crocs if you are a nurse or another on-your-feet for hours professional that helps people **.

The Birkenstock EVA Arizona sandal has been one of the hottest shoes under $100.00 in the USA for 2016.  Priced at $35.00 - I dare you to find a shoe Made In Germany at this price point.  You can't - period!

Need BIRKENSTOCK EVA ARIZONA IN WHITEproof the shoe is hot?  The style is available at the ever-on-trend boutique OPENING CEREMONY in NYC.  OC has help set trends for years, and the fact they carry this $35.00 item makes the case it's one of the coolest sandal styles out there.   This shoe rocked Summer from coast to coast - but it's also hot for the Fall season.  You'll see them everywhere until snow fall - so click over now to pick up a pair.  There are a range of colors (I've got Blue - a favorite!) and at this price why not get two colors?!    They are also available for men and women in stores like Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters in the range of colors so click and ship a rainbow of comfort and style right now!



SALVATORE FERRAGAMO SPRING 2016 RUNWAYDesigner collaborations and limited edition "capsule" collections are not uncommon.  Fashion houses and designers/Celebrities often use the opportunity to create excitement and give editors and customers more reasons to pay attention.   The more eyes on a brand, the more relevant it becomes.  At least, that's the hope for the cross-pollination of a brand and designer.  For a large brand everyone knows - the opportunity can bring new, fresh eyes on them.  Younger, more excited shoppers can discover a classic that was hiding right in plain sight.  Nothing can make a collection your mother wears look cool like collaborating with a hot, trendy designer.  Some capsules sink like a rock skipping across the water, and others explode like fireworks.  In the tumultuous retail environment we have today, there is more and more pressure and expectation on this projects than ever before.FALL 2016 RUNWAY COLLECTION

For the hot young designer, collaborating with a large fashion house can bring a much broader audience to the brand.   Suddenly a fringe designer can be exposed to millions.   It also gives a designer access to established workrooms and factories.   Often it's a chance to really express complicated, or technically advanced designs for the first time.   For obvious reasons, it's very different for a new designer to get an order for a few dozen pieces from a prestigious department store compared to a luxury house producing thousands and thousands of items to fill their boutiques in every city across a country - or across the world. 

HANDBAG DESIGNER SARA BATTAGLIA Enter Salvatore Ferragamo.  This Italian house of all things luxury that has been crafting designer goods for almost  SARA BATTAGLIA SPRING 16 HANDBAG - AVAILABLE ON FARFETCH100 years has also been producing dynamite capsule collections back to back for years.  After spending decades representing the classic designer items, the storied house that Salvatore built shifted its focus a few years ago back to the avant-garde roots that made it famous.  These limited edition collaborations have peppered the offerings that fill the more than 650 boutiques that span the globe with incredible and dynamic products.  Few luxury brands are located in more countries, with more sku's, in more categories.   Even more staggering when you consider the collection does not exploit an obvious logo to promote itself, and does not have a less expensive "diffusion" collection.  

Let's take a look at a few of the most recent and relevant collaborations:

Sara Battaglia - BATTAGLIA'S VISON OF THE ICONIC FERRAGAMO SOFIA HANDBAG - CLICK IMAGE TO SHOP SHOPBOPThis handbag designer travels in fashionable circles as her sister Giovanna is an in-demand fashion editor at several publications including W and Vogue.  Sara's bags are fun and colorful, and her creations for Ferragamo celebrate the legacy of Salvatore's original rainbow wedge.  This collaboration is a great example of how working with a large house can bring legitimacy and a much greater audience to a talented young designer. 

Edgardo Osorio - This in demand shoe designer already has an "in the know" following for his playful, sexy pumps and flats. EDGARDO OSORIO - THE MAN BEHIND AQUAZURRA His collection Aquazurra has caught the eye of the most discriminating designer shoe clients around the world.  EDGARDO OSORIO FOR SALVATORE FERRAGAMO - COLORFUL GIRAFFES - CLICK IMAGE TO SHOP MY THERESA Osorio's collaboration with Ferragamo is a great example how a younger, smaller designer can bring the heat to a huge fashion house.  His capsule collection for the house was a best seller at Bergdorf Goodman and put the brand in the hands of some shoppers that might have AQUAZURRA FALL SANDAL -AVAILABLE AS SAKS FIFTH AVENUEpassed on the more classic and iconic Vara that the house is known for in shoe salons like Bergdorf's.  For the limited edition shoes for Ferragamo, Edgardo also looked to the iconic Raindbow Wedge and let his mind run wild!

Daniela Villegas - This talented jewelry designer has built a loyal following of clients through her use of nature as an inspiration. FINE JEWELRY SCARAB - DANIELA VILLEGAS COLLECTION Sometimes looking to the insect world to guide her hand in shaping and sculpting her little gems of fine jewelry.  Based in Los Angeles, Villegas work has a citizen of the world feel. DANIELA VILLEGAS - JEWELRY DESIGNER & EARTH ANGEL Clearly it's an expression of Villegas own globe-trotting, glamorous life.  For her capsule collection with Ferragamo, Daniela looked to the silk scarves in Ferragamo's archives - more specifically the beautiful parrots often shown in their glorious range of colors.  Another perfect blending of two designers work.  This collaboration is a great example of a very talented artist that appeals to a very niche audience creating something that represents her work and the work of the designer house in perfect harmony.  DANIELA VILLEGAS FOR SALVATORE FERRAGAMO STERLING SILVER BIRCAGE WITH GANCIO CHARM

Click any of the designer names to learn more about their work, or the images to learn more about the collaborations.  It's thrilling when a company this large, still STERLING SILVER BIRDCAGE EARRINGS - DANIELA VILLEGAS FOR SALVATORE FERRAGAMOmaintains its focus on the creativity and artistry to plan collections, as opposed to spread sheets and marketing reports.  Many luxury houses could take a lesson from Salvatore Ferragamo!  Stay tuned for more cool collaborations - never sleazy or Yeezy!