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INGENUE EVA MARIE SAINT IN 1954 - STAR OF "ON THE WATERFRONT" - AND IN 2018, AT 93 STILL STUNNING AT THE 90TH ACADAMY AWARDS IN MARCH 2018In many ways, 2017 was like an episode of the Twilight Zone.  Or was it like the first half of a EVA MARIE SAINT - ACADAMY AWARDS 2018superhero movie, when the evil forces take over the government, poison the environment, and steal all the money?    

With all that and more happening in Washington, the political unrest bubbling up in pockets coast to coasACTRESSES JANE FONDA AND HELEN MIRREN - ACADAMY AWARDS 2018t due to Police brutality and killing of too many people of color, Sexual harrassment and assualt of too many women, and the unnesscassry terrorizing of undocumented workers and dreamers that make America the diverse and strong nation it is, it is almost too much pressure for a show like the Academy Awards, or any award show to try and "entertain" us for the evening.   So last month for Oscar's 90th celebration, Host Jimmy Kimmel returned and did his best, and that is better than most.  His dry delivery of one liners aimed at the Trump administration and the cast of characters there got laughs and winces, but kept us focused on the positive.  

In this era of #BlackLivesMatter, #TimesUp, and the #MeToo movements, the night had much expectation of delivering powerful statments on social justice.  Of course anything planned for this glittering night, would be in the shadow of Oprah Winfrey's Mic Drop moment at the Golden Globes.   Oprah brought the room to their feet during her acceptance speech, when presented with the Cecile B. Demille Lifetime Achievement Award by the Hollywood Foreign Press.   She put everyone that isn't "woke" on notice that a NEW DAY IS DAWNING. RITA MORENO AT THE 2018 ACADAMY AWARDS. AT 86, SHE STUNNED ALL WEARING HER GOWN FROM HER 1962 APPEARANCE AND WIN AT THE OSCARS!

Having said all this, the Oscar's themselves were keen to seem more inclusive after much outrage to #OscarsSoWhite and the fact that too few nominations were given to people of color.  So while we were expecting more inclusion, we also had a surprise dominance of Senior Citizens that wiped the floor with Actors and Actresses less than half their age.  

We saw Gods and Goddesses in their 70's, 80's, and 90's!!!!!   In a society that doesn't appreciate our elders as we should, it was amazing to see these eloquent professionals not only having all their faculties past 80, but THRIVING in the spotlight - in front of one of the largest global audiences. JAMES IVORY - DIRECTOR, PRODUCER, AND SCREENWRITER - TOOK HOME OSCAR GOLD FOR HIS SCREENPLAY FOR "CALL ME BY YOUR NAME" - AT 89 HE IS THE OLDEST WINNER IN OSCAR HISTORY.   Bravo to these men and woman of the big screen.  We all have more to look forward to from having seen this performance!

Some standouts from the night:  Eva Marie Saint - stunning at 93 years old.  Amazingly she won the best supporting actress in 1955 for her performance in "On The Waterfront" alongside Marlon Brando.

Jane Fonda - 80, won Oscar in 1972 for her performance in "Klute", and again in 1979 for her role in "Coming Home".  Fonda has been nominated a stunning 7 times!  Jane dazzled in WHITE alongside co-presenter  Helen Mirren -73.  Mirren won Oscar Gold in 2007 for her performance as the title role in "The Queen".  Mirren has been nominated 4 times.  

Rita Moreno - 86, won Oscar gold for her role in "West Side Story" in 1962.  She wins fashion statement of the night for wearing the SAME dress she wore the night she won the Oscar!  Moreno had that dress made for her all those years ago, and decided to bring it out of storage for this special night!  Moreno is one of only 12 people in history to be an EGOT winner.  Having won an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony.  Incredible!

Not to leave the men out.  OSCAR WINNER - James Ivory - 89 - became the oldest winner in Oscar history for his screenplay for "Call Me By Your Name".  It was his 4th nomination. 

Do yourself a favor and google some of these stunning performances I listed above.  Between youtube and itunes, you should find them... even clips are worth watching to see these legends in action.  Pass the popcorn!    For more info regarding all things #OSCAR - visit  OSCAR.COM

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