Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 1:20AM
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OPEN / CLOSE SERIESGot Vinyl?  If you do, you know your collection needs a space to display and store that is worthy of those beautiful platters of non-digital sound.  If you're over 30, do the milk crates really cut it?

Enter Atocha Design.  This New York based design firm was ahead of the curve back in 2008, when founder Jenn Atocha was frustrated that nothing in the mid-century modern universe (or any style actually) offered a functional AND beautiful option for her record collection.THE FAMOUS - RECORD STAND SERIES   While most furniture designers had long since declared vinyl D.O.A., Atocha threw herself into designing, prototyping, and producing clean, understated design, from the most luxurious and natural raw materials, and forged her working relationship with New York based workshops to hand craft these beautiful pieces.

From first glance, the attention to detail and streamlined designs catch your eye.  The fine detailing is what sets the collection apart from all the companies that have come along since, many directly, and sometimes painfully inspired by Atocha.  Editors from the finest publications have always supported Atocha for it's authenticity and purity of design.  Immediately, the professionals took note and became fans and clients.  Atocha has produced pieces for many DJ's, event spaces, and retail spaces. 

THE DJ STANDMost pieces are commisioned for private residences for those passionate about their music collection.   The company has shipped furniture literally around the world.. and down the street from their trendy NY headquarters neighborhood.THE SPEAKER STANDSTHE KICKBACK SERIES TABLE THE LEATHER SLING LP HOLDER

Click on the images here to visit the company website and learn more and see more photos.   The pieces are not inexpensive by any stretch, but considering the quality of the materials, and the small shop artisan construction - there is value in these items that will grown over time.

Click over to the company website to see so many more designs!  (Click images to visit these items on Atocha website).

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