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Painter Lisa Warren brings the GREEN this Holiday Season and every day! 

FIRST FERN - LISA WARREN Artist Lisa Warren loves nature, and people.  It's the first thing you know when viewing her work.  It's obvious.  I first saw her landscape and nature pieces at a solo show in Salisbury, CT at the newly renovated and expanded Sweet William's. They stopped me in my tracks.  Her use of color and her ability to turn a walk in the woods into a masterful still-life is unique.   I saw the show one Saturday and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I do love to garden, but this went way beyond my fondness of plants. ONE BRICK HOUSE - LISA WARREN The composition is perfectly balanced, in a completely natural and yet what appears to be random layout.  Her use of color is so powerful, yet soothing.  I couldn't look away.  These landscape works seem to have been a focus for Warren over the course of a few years in 2013-15.  More recently, se has also garnered considerable attention for portraits.  In fact her self portraits are extremely powerfulONE YELLOW LEAF - LISA WARREN

Art is many things to many people, and when a work can give me a sudden sense of joy, and calm, and takes all of my focus - that's when I know (at least for me) - I'm witnessing something special. NO GRAB YOU CAN'T - LISA WARREN

I hope you think Lisa Warren is as special as I do.

Her next solo show will be in Sharon, CT during the Month of December and into the new year (through January 14th).   Click over to Gallery STANDARD SPACE to find out more about this show, or over to LISA WARREN 's own site to find out more about her full body of work.   It's worth the clicks!



MAYA, watercolor on paper - EILEEN MILLAN I always say that living in New York City is a luxury for so many reasons, none greater than the creative characters I have been lucky enough to meet - luckier to call friends.   Enter Eileen Millan.  Millan's watercolor paintings and notecards are uniique, powerful, happy, and of course, colorful.   When I met her she was deeply invovled in her "Big Ears" series.  Now the theme has evolved and her work is quite iconic.  If you live in NYC, you might recognize the work from her public shows at several Starbucks locations around town.  

This Sunday, Feb 21st, Eileen will have a public showing and sale at 77 7th Avenue (14th / 15th street) at the Vermeer building during thier "Sundays in the Board Room" series.    Stop by from 1pm-4pm and meet this lovely and talented artist.  How often do you have a chance to connect with an artist one on one?  Her time might be limited as I'm expecting a crowd, but buy her artwork now, while it is still affordable.  I cherish mine! 

If you can't make it on Sunday - contact Ms. Millan directly at




American artist Ellsworth Kelly has died at the age of 92.  Mr. Kelly was born in Newburgh, NY a city on the Western banks of the Hudson River ( about an hour and a half drive by car).  The formative years of his creative talents were spent in Paris after Worth War II in the late 40's and early 50's.  Mr. Kelly benefitted from the GI Bill to support him as he honed his skill and found his voice as an abstract, modern artist.  His use of bold colors in large sections, was extremely avant garde at the time and rejected at first by much of the art community.  After almost a decade in Paris, Kelly would return to NY and set up a studio on the Lower East Side on NYC.   In the decades since his work gained world wide notoriety, the artist set up his studio in Spencertown, NY in Columbia County.   He would live there until his death on Sunday December 27th.  

To view several wonderful examples of his work - visit the gallery website of

The MOMA website also has extensive examples of Mr. Kelly's work.





One of the most prolific artists on the scene in the New York art world is Paraguay born Cacho Falcon.  Falcon's fearless use of color, and a sensuality that jumps off the cansvas makes his work hard to forget.  His work is collected by fans all over the world.   One of his most famous images is of Barack Obama smoking.  His work is often a kaleidoscope of images - one inside another, inside another, and then again -part of a different image.  Brilliant!  Cacho is an artist in the 21st century, so he also makes his work available on t-shirts, shorts, and more cool items.    click his name above to learn more nad shop.  Of course - follow him on instagram. 


#CaChoFalconPortraits #lovewins #obamarama #obama

A photo posted by Cacho Falcon (@cachofalconart) on Jul 6, 2015 at 5:28pm PDT





RITA ORA IN CHANEL HAUTE COUTURE - ELLE MAGAZINEI'm a big fan of Elle Magazine.  In fact, I rarely miss an issue.  At first glance of the May 2013 issue, something looked familiar.  It wasn't the beautiful Rita Ora who graces the cover of this "Women in Music" issue.  RITA ORA HANGS CHIC IN LAS VEGAS - THOSE FERRAGAMO BOOTS..SUEDE FOR DAYS! Ora is like lightning in the bottle these past few months.   She is everywhere! DOUBLE TAKE - RITA ORA FOR ELLE MAGAZINE INSPIRED BY VIKTOR & ROLF'S FLOWERBOMB?  The fashion world has annointed her the next "it" girl and designers are keeping her very well clothed.   In Las Vegas wearing Salvatore Ferragamo, in Basil Switzerland wearing Calvin Klein, & on the cover of Elle magazine - wearing Chanel Haute Couture!  You know you have arrived when they ask you to wear couture!

Flipping through the issue, I quickly realized why I was having a deja-vu.   This cover was heavily influenced by the iconic fragrance ad for FLOWERBOMB by Viktor & Rolf.  Maybe ELLE'S creative director -Joe Zee was inspired by the super cool design duo of V&R.   Maybe he was and didn't even realize?

Keep up with Rita Ora by clicking over to iTunes now.   This Jay Z protege is here to stay!




GREEN SHOTGUN HOUSE, BATON ROUGE - LOIS DODD at FISCHBACH GALLERYAnyone with eyes and ears knows that the art world, like the fashion world, has been transformed from a passion of the classes to an entertainment of the masses.  Just like Couture runway shows from Dior and Chanel are now watched by millions over the internet, sales of Artists like Damien Hirst and Jeff koons become a spectacle events like Art Basel, and icons like Picasso are known to a global audience bigger than ever before.

However, there are galleries that still focus on the artist and the patron.   Those that mentor young artists and curate their showingsTULIPS - JACK BUSH at FISCHBACH GALLERY to grow a career organically.   Building a reputation for artists and for the galleries themselves.  In New York there is one such gallery I visit often.  High above the street level art boutiques found in Chelsea is a quiet space filled with beautiful art.  Fischbach Gallery at 210 11th Avenue @ 25th Street is a gem.   Show after show, the gallery is filled with American art, with a consistent focus on talent.  (Jack Bush showcased here was Canadian).  Many of the artists represented have a two decade (or longer) relationship with the gallery.

Currently, BLACK SHACK - JACK BUSH at FISCHBACH GALLERYthe collection exhibited courtesy of William McWillie Chambers III really spoke to me..  I recently visited New Orleans and Baton Rouge.  There are so many rich details that both those cities make you remember.  The food, the people, the land, and of the beautiful architecture -all impossible to forget.  One look at Lois Dodds - Green Shotgun House, Baton Rouge - and I was right back there.  The subtle composition, the tender shades of green.   Something so sad, so peaceful, so fresh?  It's all up to you isn't it?  But of course, that's art.    Click images to see so much more and contact FISCHBACH GALLERY.  



WUTHERING HEIGHTS / MOBY DICK - EMMA TAPLEYNew York based artist Emma Tapleyhas a connection with nature that her biography might belie.   When most people think of artists from New York, they might think avant-garde or modern art presented in non-traditional mediums.   However, a constant theme in Tapley's work is in fact nature.   Trees, leaves, puddles, and grasses, all find there way onto her canvases.   The interesting thing is that although there is a sense of serenity and calm in her work, somehow there is an overwhelming feeling of power.  Like nature itself.  The Fischbach Galleryin Chelsea (NYC) has a brand new show of Ms. Tapley's work opening November 8th.  Fischbach has a loyal following of devoted art collectors that truly appreciate the talent behind every painting.   Fischbach truly believes in nurturing artists, often representing them for decades. 

If you visit the Fischbach Gallery, be sure to make a day or at least afternoon out of it.   The HighLine is just steps away.   A perfect place to go after a gallery visit.   CookShop is a favorite restaurant of celebrities and locals for its hardy and locally harvested menu.   The Chelsea Market also offers a huge assortment of food, sweets, and shopping opportunities.   If you visit on a sunny day, by all means visit the newly restored and beautiful  Hudson River Park.   Of course, the best thing about NYC is that you don't need to make plans at all.   An amazing day can unfold itself just by walking down the street, that's New York!