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Twenty years ago I walked into the studio of famed photographer Francesco Scavullo. Scavullo was the man that discovered Brooke Shields, shot portraits of every major celeb in Hollywood, and at that time was under contract to shoot every Cosmo cover - at the time one of the hottest fashion magazines in the world. I was there to interview for an internship as part of my senior class requirement from F.I.T.   The meeting is a blur, but my time at Scavullo changed my life.  I watched a true creative team as they took the best in photography, fashion design, hairstyling, and makeup to new levels.   I worked with the supermodels of the day - Naomi, Cindy, Claudia, and many more talented, smart, gorgeous women.

 The years that followed my time at Scavullo Studio have been an adventure to say the least.  I have been very lucky to work with some of the top designers from around the world. Thierry Mugler, Ungaro, Valentino, Chanel, Chloe, & Salvatore Ferragamo are some of the biggest, but by no means all of the dynamic brands I have worked with in the past, and continue to work with today.

London, Milan, Paris, and NYC are fashion capitals.  I've spent many weeks of my life in all of these cities, but it's the hundreds and thousands of hours I've spent in every fashion market in the U.S. that I consider my most valuable experience.   I know luxury fashion from coast to coast.   If you haven't been on the sales floor and spent time with the social structure of a community, you don't know that market.    I'm proud to say I'm fluent in this language of luxury.   Mapping out marketing, sales, and media plans are some of the services I provide.

I take pride in representing luxury brands through in-store events and in training sales associates on the relevant seasonal trends.   Bridging the gap between the designer atelier and the sales floor is what I do best.  Ten thousand dollar handbags do not just sell themselves - contrary to popular belief.  

Working with international teams has also been very rewarding for me.  My fashion assignments have taken me from Istanbul to Buenos Aires.  Fashion is a universal language.

I Hope you enjoy this fashion site as a resource for information related to our fashion world.

Thank You for reading.

Jason Jobson

To contact Jason Jobson for fashion services - email