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DEBBIE HARRY - THE SOUL OF "BLONDIE" - NEW ALBUM OUT NOWOne of the coolest bands in music history has released their 11th studio album.BLONDIE - POLLINATOR  POLLINATOR from BLONDIE was released in the Spring, and if you close your eyes, this just might be an extension of Parallel Lines

POLLINATOR has that magic sauce that Debbie Harry, Chris Stein, and the band first started making in the late 70's - making them a world famous rock band.  The magic of BLONDIE has always been the sex appeal and cool factor of lead singer, songwriter Debbie Harry.  Harry's ability to express so much emotion and feeling in her vocals, she remains in a category of her own when it comes to lead singers.  She rapped before any top40 band dared to in 1980 in her chart topper - RAPTURE. PARALLEL LINES - BLONDIE Today, no matter where you go in the world, you will hear HEART OF GLASS, CALL ME, RAPTURE and on and on from these rock icons.

Having said all this -  POLLINATOR is just as exciting as those legendary hits.  DOOM OR DESTINY has it's finger on the Political Pulse and is a clear rebuke of the toxic political era we find ourselves.  BLONDIE POLLINATOR WATCH BOX WITH SHEPARD FAIREY ARTWORK - CLICK TO ORDER Fellow rock goddess JOAN JETT guests on the single and appears in the video..  LIMITED EDITION "POLLINATOR" WATCH BY VANNEN WATCHES - GET THEM BEFORE THEY ARE GONE!!! - ARTWORK BY SHEPARD FAIREY What a dynamic duo these two make!   The video for DOOM is funky, creative, and hot. It's post-modern and actually makes at least this angry American voter able to smile for a minute as we contemplate the fascist regime that has set up shop in Washington.  Watch the video below (Directed by Rob Roth, Hot makeup by Miss Guy, Hair by Adam Markarian, and Styling by Kitty Boots), click the links, or album covers to download music above.  Get some Blondie music in your phone or on your music player asap.  If you don't buy the whole album (you should!) - don't miss FUN, and LONG TIMEDO IT. 


Selena Kills Em With Kindness.. and killer looks! 

Selena Gomez has some advice for any of us dealing with haters, bigots, racists, misogynists, Trump Trolls, and any other people trying to stand in your way.  It's advice your own grandmother could give you - Kill them with kindness.  With the state of the current political and sometimes social environment in the world at the moment - Selena's silky smooth tune and gorgeous video directed by Emil Nava is a breath of fresh air, and actually really inspiring.  Think of this as a sexier version of Taylor Swift's #ShakeItOff for 2016, but still sounds fresh in 2017- Kill Em With Kindness

Of course those that follow the private life of Selena say the song was a response to her reported ex-boyfriend Justin Beiber's "Love Yourself" - which was said to be his song dedicated to Selena in a not so subtle or polite goodbye song at the end of their relationship.  Hmmm.. you can just listen without knowing any of that back story.. 

If you are already a Selena fan, you're used to her sultry videos.  If you somehow haven't seen Selena since her Disney days - you're in for a big surprise.  A pleasant, gorgeous surprise.  Click links to download this Selena Tune now.  It's a great cool down song for your gym playlist or just a great song to drive around to. Kill Em With Kindness


SIA and her 1000 Forms Of Fear - MUST HEAR 

SIA'S CHART TOPPING ALBUM - 1000 FORMS OF FEAR - CLICK TO BUY SONGSThe freshest voice to come on the scene in 2015 is actually a music veteran responsible for some of the biggest hits on the last 10 years.   Huh?  Yes, you read that right. SIA, the platinum bobbed moving shag with the voice that could start a revolution is a star music maker that that has been behind the scenes for years.   Writing hits for Rhianna, Britney, Beyonce, and more.. her rhymes and rhythms are hypnotic and emotional.  DANCER MADDIE ZEIGLER & SIA Her voice is soulful and as an experienced vocalist, Sia is not afraid to cracks notes as she brings these songs to life.Her voice is soulful and as an experienced vocalist, Sia is not afraid to cracks notes as she brings these songs to life.

Ok, the elephant in the room is that SIA has decided not to show her face publicly in support of her albums.  Ever.  While she continues to perform live and on television, the singer has opted to obscure her face with wigs and maskes.   Sia also made child dancer Maddie Ziegler an equal part of her performance with creative dance routines in tune with the mood of each song.  Somehow together, the two distract from the fact that Sia is hiding in plain sight.  In fact, the combined performance of SIA and Maddie are undoubtedly the most creative thing we've seen in the music industry in years.   You must listen to a few tracks on this album.  In fact, i'm sure it is one you will be playing again and again.  Also, you should do yourself a favor and watch as much of SIA and Maddie as you can youtube.   It's a treat.   Watch her video ELASTIC HEART below.   Shia LaBeouf guest stars.