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It's not often that a major motion picture is created about a major fashion icon.   Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a determined women.  She would help shape the image of America for much of the world during her husband's presidency.  John F. Kennedy would give the world a vision of an image of an open America, a modern, vibrant, sophisticated America.   The first Catholic president elected in America, John Kennedy was far from a perfect man, but he gave us the best example of a flawed man, being a strong leader.   His assassination in Dallas would shock the world and send America into an emotional depression that took years to heal. NATALIE PORTMAN AS JACKIE O. - click image to watch an additional trailer

Jackie Kennedy would become a style icon through her personal style, attention to detail, and her attention to improving our image at home and abroad.  Jackie was convinced that making the White House a spectacular showcase was an important project to throw herself into.   She was criticized for what was sometimes seen as foolish pursuits of lavish "things".   In the film, Natalie Portman does a wonderful job to capture the persona of Jackie.  Her poised speech.  Her awareness to critics that were waiting to pounce on anything she might say.   Portman easily shows us Jackie's physical beauty, and the stylists and cinematographer behind Jackie really gave us that pristine reality that the world was intoxicated by during the Kennedy years in the White House, despite how brief that time of "Camelot" was.  

See Jackie for the story.  The film focuses on Jackie Kennedy's battle to make sure her husbands legacy would not be forgotten. JACQUELINE KENNEDY - THE 35th FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES  She knew that ceremonies are remembered, and leave indelible marks in the mind of people.   She knew that things outlive people, and that monuments are forever.    

If you love fashion, the movie delivers.   Jackie Kennedy embodied the WASP aesthetic taken to its most sophisticated embodiment.  Portman is nominated for an Oscar for Best Performance in a Leading role.  It is well deserved.  Director Pablo Larrain delivers.   See it.


Say U.N.C.L.E. to Guy Ritchie

If you haven't seen The Man From U.N.C.L.E, directed by Guy Ritchie - then you haven't seen the best action / romantic drama of 2015.  Ritchie's style of shoot-em-up old world glamour have never been better.   Clearly romanced by the 60's his references are often retro, so set in the height of the cold war (1963) - Ritchie is really in his element with this film.  This big screeen adaptaion of hte hit 60's TV series is set inside a CIA / KGB power struggle to contain nuclear weapons in the hands of a mafia stronghold.  Representing the US - Henry Cavill.  Every bit the Superman in his fine tailored suiting, Cavill has the charm and ease to portray an undercover CIA agent.  In the Russian corner - Armie HammerHammer (Social Network) is a 2015 designer wearing version of Dolf Lundgren's Drago from the Rocky movies.   Brute force kept underwraps, almost The Hulk without radiation.  Adding the element of romance and sexual tension is the unwilling spitfire mechanic played by Alicia Vikander (Ex-Machina).  Her character is complicated, and her Audrey Hepburn / "My Fair Lady" like makeover in perfect 60's style is worth watching the film in itself. 

At the helm of that dark force is one of the best femme fatale characters I've ever seen on screen.  I'd challenge anyone to find a better portrayal of the glamour and evil represented by this archetype than seen here by Elizabeth Debicki (The Great Gatsby).  She oozes seduction and evil.   I went on my Summer holiday to the South of France just after seeing this film, and I was looking for Ms. Debicki to turn the corner when I was in any glamorous setting on the Riviera!

The Costuming, cinematography, and direction are seamless.   Dizzying at times, it's a sheer pleasure to watch.   Hats off - and hopefully Oscar nominations for Joanna Johnston's Costume Design, John Mathieson's Cinematography, Guy Ritchie's Direction, and of course various nominations for the cast.

Bravo Guy Ritchie.   The Cold War never looked so Hot!  See the film now, while it's still in theaters..  watch the trailer below.



Woody Allen was back at the box office this year with Blue Jasmine.   Starring the Hollywood heavyweight Cate Blanchett, Blue Jasmine is Allen's telling of a Bernie Madoff like story at the expense of the Park Avenue hedge fund wife. The Classic CHANEL Jacket as seen in the New York Times PH: Tony Cenicola - Approx $6,000.00 Allen has an incredible ability to skewer subjects with such accurate depictions that straddles the edge of caricature - but remain based in real life examples.   If you live in New York, watching this film you will no doubt find yourself thinking "oh, that's just like..."  - many times.

Jasmine is the ultra privileged wife of a New York Hedge Fund financier, philanderer, and ultimately a ponzi scheme crook played brilliantly by Alec Baldwin.  The movie is told in a flashback format that follows Jasmine as she goes to live with her poorer, blue collar sister in San Francisco. THE TALENTED AND BEAUTIFUL - CATE BLANCHETT Jasmine has gone from her Park Avenue life of Pilates, fundraisers, and private planes to sleeping in the spare room of her sisters walk up apartment in last year's CHANEL jacket. Her life of luxury just a memory.

Actually, the Chanel jacket is a fantastic prop that travels throughout the film.  It was a genius choice by the costume designer, as it proves the investment in those magical tweeds by Chanel.  One luxurious jacket and your fashionable for the next 20 years!  It was a brilliant choice to make that a white Chanel jacket.. showing us just how luxurious Jasmine's life was.  Buying a $5,000.00 jacket in white - that is luxury. (If you only buy one Chanel jacket - choose black).  Cate Blanchett is transformative in her role as a woman who had everything that money can buy, but at the same time.. nothing.  

Woody Allen is a master at pinpointing the human condition.  His movies cover the range of emotions from fear to joy, ecstasy to sorrow, and usually a big dose of inadequacy from an insecure character that is the unseen Woody of the film.  There is no filmmaker that puts New York on film more intimately than Allen.  With two gorgeous cities like San Francisco and New York in one film - what's not to love.

If there has ever been proof that we get better with age, Woody Allen proves that point with Blue Jasmine.   Click images and links to see more and find the film.




Filmmaker Lee Daniels is no stranger to controversial, if not disturbing subject matter.   His #OscarWinner PRECIOUS left an indelible mark on audiences for his gritty and all too real portrayal of an abusive and dysfunctional family, and one girls journey out of a horrific life. NICOLE KIDMAN IN THE PAPERBOY

With The Paperboy, Daniels has been able to leverage his legitimized standing as an Oscar nominated director and attract a level of Hollywood talent that are Tabloid, Red Carpet, and Media magnets.   Nicole Kidman stars as a death row groupie with her heart set on a derelict killer played by John CusackMatthew McConnaughey is a newspaper reporter (hence the title) trying to uncover the evil secrets hiding under every rock in this 1960's based story of a South Florida bayou town.   Get ready for a bumpy ride. NICOLE KIDMAN, ZAC EFFRON, & MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY  The twists and turns even surprised this jaded viewer, and Mr. Daniels really likes to go to extremes to get his point across. His ability to make you uncomfortable as you wait on the edge of your seat for the inevitable is a cruel talent.  

Sixties fashion references are always enjoyable to watch on the big screen, and so strange to see how mainstream that look is today.   You would almost not know it was a retro film, with the effect Mad Men has had on the fashion world.   Companies from Prada to Banana Republic have morphed their style to the 1960's,  thanks in part to Don Draper.

To rent or buy the film click -The Paperboy now.  You will not be able to say it was boring!   Watch the trailer below: