Thursday, February 23, 2017 at 11:41AM
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It's not often that a major motion picture is created about a major fashion icon.   Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a determined women.  She would help shape the image of America for much of the world during her husband's presidency.  John F. Kennedy would give the world a vision of an image of an open America, a modern, vibrant, sophisticated America.   The first Catholic president elected in America, John Kennedy was far from a perfect man, but he gave us the best example of a flawed man, being a strong leader.   His assassination in Dallas would shock the world and send America into an emotional depression that took years to heal. NATALIE PORTMAN AS JACKIE O. - click image to watch the movie now

Jackie Kennedy would become a style icon through her personal style, attention to detail, and her attention to improving our image at home and abroad.  Jackie was convinced that making the White House a spectacular showcase was an important project to throw herself into.   She was criticized for what was sometimes seen as foolish pursuits of lavish "things".   In the film, Natalie Portman does a wonderful job to capture the persona of Jackie.  Her poised speech.  Her awareness to critics that were waiting to pounce on anything she might say.   Portman easily shows us Jackie's physical beauty, and the stylists and cinematographer behind Jackie really gave us that pristine reality that the world was intoxicated by during the Kennedy years in the White House, despite how brief that time of "Camelot" was.  

See Jackie for the story.  The film focuses on Jackie Kennedy's battle to make sure her husbands legacy would not be forgotten. JACQUELINE KENNEDY - THE 35th FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES  She knew that ceremonies are remembered, and leave indelible marks in the mind of people.   She knew that things outlive people, and that monuments are forever.    

If you love fashion, the movie delivers.   Jackie Kennedy embodied the WASP aesthetic taken to its most sophisticated embodiment.  Portman is nominated for an Oscar for Best Performance in a Leading role.  It is well deserved.  Director Pablo Larrain delivers.   See it!  Click JACKIE to stream it now

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