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CHARLIZ THERON IS ATOMIC - ATOMIC BLONDE - STREAM IT TONIGHT! In 2017, director David Leitch dropped a bomb on moviegoers.. causing an Atomic Blonde explosion!  CHARLIZE THERON KICKS ASS IN ATOMIC BLONDE - Click image to WATCH IT NOWStart watching for the Goddess that Charlize Theron is, but stay for take-no-prisoners, bad ass boss, seductress she also is!..  Then there is the editing, the on-the-edge-of-your-seat screenplay (Kurt Johnstad), and did I mention - sex, drugs, rock & roll, AND the sexiest cars you've ever seen!    Based on the 2012 graphic novel - The Coldest City, Atomic Blonde will stick in your throat with political intrigue that is too relevant today. CHARLIZE THERON - HANDS ON AGENT IN ATOMIC BLONDE

Atomic Blonde explodes in the first 2 minutes of the film and just never stops!  I'm so mad I missed this one on the big screen (long story) - but on a recent international flight, I was in heaven as I reached cruising altitude when Theron reached ass-kicking altitude!  SCENE STEALING WHEELS IN ATOMIC BLONDE The film is set in 1989 Berlin, months before the Fall of the Berlin Wall.  Russia, Germany, and the US have spies, undercover agents, double agents, covert agents - you name it - all skating on thin ice as they wait, unknowingly for the fall of the wall and the iron curtain in Germany.    ATOMIC BLONDE - ON THE PROWL - BLONDE AMBITION MAY NEVER BE THE SAME - CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH THE MOVIE NOW

Charlize brings.. EVERYTHING to this role as Lorraine Broughton, an MI6 agent sent to recover a list of double-agents before it falls into the wrong hands.  Who are those hands? Your guess is as good as hers in the underground night life of Cold War Berlin.. where everything is available.. for the right price. 

Theron's physical stature is hypnotic in Atomic Blonde.  She dominates the action scenes and you absolutely cannot look away when she is on screen.  The cinematography is so rich, you don't know where to look first.   The fashion is OFF THE CHARTS and hits it - nail-on-the-head for 80's style. Costume Designer Cindy Evans is GOLDEN in her use of color and silhouette.. relying on key vintage Dior pieces and custom John Galliano.

John Goodman, James McAvoy, and Sofia Boutella each add to the layers of deception in Lorraine's march to survival in this society where anything goes.. until it doesn't.

RENT OR DOWNLOAD THE MOVIE TONIGHT - CLICK ON IMAGEThen, you hear the music.  As I mentioned I enjoyed this film at 30,000 feet over a cocktail and when the soundtrack started - I thought my flight was headed straight to the 80's - aka Soundtrack Heaven!!  What album has David Bowie, Nena, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Till Tuesday, The Clash, Re-Flex, George Michael, A Flock Of Seagulls, and more.  This soundtrack could get you through any workout you can handle, and also help you celebrate any occasion.  Click on album cover to purchase the album now.....

Watch the trailer below.  Please be careful with the car.  Focus Features Presents - Atomic Blonde.


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