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GREEN SHOTGUN HOUSE, BATON ROUGE - LOIS DODD at FISCHBACH GALLERYAnyone with eyes and ears knows that the art world, like the fashion world, has been transformed from a passion of the classes to an entertainment of the masses.  Just like Couture runway shows from Dior and Chanel are now watched by millions over the internet, sales of Artists like Damien Hirst and Jeff koons become a spectacle events like Art Basel, and icons like Picasso are known to a global audience bigger than ever before.

However, there are galleries that still focus on the artist and the patron.   Those that mentor young artists and curate their showingsTULIPS - JACK BUSH at FISCHBACH GALLERY to grow a career organically.   Building a reputation for artists and for the galleries themselves.  In New York there is one such gallery I visit often.  High above the street level art boutiques found in Chelsea is a quiet space filled with beautiful art.  Fischbach Gallery at 210 11th Avenue @ 25th Street is a gem.   Show after show, the gallery is filled with American art, with a consistent focus on talent.  (Jack Bush showcased here was Canadian).  Many of the artists represented have a two decade (or longer) relationship with the gallery.

Currently, BLACK SHACK - JACK BUSH at FISCHBACH GALLERYthe collection exhibited courtesy of William McWillie Chambers III really spoke to me..  I recently visited New Orleans and Baton Rouge.  There are so many rich details that both those cities make you remember.  The food, the people, the land, and of the beautiful architecture -all impossible to forget.  One look at Lois Dodds - Green Shotgun House, Baton Rouge - and I was right back there.  The subtle composition, the tender shades of green.   Something so sad, so peaceful, so fresh?  It's all up to you isn't it?  But of course, that's art.    Click images to see so much more and contact FISCHBACH GALLERY.  



COLIN BROWN - SELVA OSCURA - FISCHBACH GALLERY * PARTIAL IMAGE*One of the galleries that helped put Chelsea on the Art world map has a gem of a show happening now!  By showcasing American artists with a unique eye and style, Fischbach Gallery has built a reputation that warrants attention from collectors from around the world.   This month artist Colin Brown  and his collection of "Blackboards" gives yet another example of the eclectic and fantastic talent that Fischbach curates.COLIN BROWN - THE 9TH LAKE - REVISED

Brown is a native New Yorker who grew up in the creative playground that only NYC can provide.  The energy and pulse that keeps New York moving produces talented creatives in all areas of the arts by the year, decade, and century.  The 23rd story view from his parent's apartment was more than a passive inspiration for Brown as a child and clearly in his adulthood and ultimately his work.

The time consuming process involved in creating these unique works of art that Brown calls "Blackboards" is painstaking.  

COLIN BROWN - HOUSE OF THE MORNING STARFirst, Brown applies a white under surface on a panel and then applies the black layers of dusted nickel, carbon, and charcoal powder.   It is with a jeweler's tool that brown removes tiny bits of black again and again, creating the illusion of light.   These works first appear to be night photographs, which by themselves would be desirable enough to purchase.   Once you realize the level of detail and craft involved, it really takes the work to another level completely.

Selva Oscura or Dark Forrest was the title aptly chosen for this show that has an interesting balance of darkness and light.   The reference of course, to Dante and his masterpiece - The Divine Comedy.    After all, New York has long been the place of great extremes - both magical and maniacal!

I promise you will not find another artist today, in any gallery showing,  that has such finely crafted works of art with this level of sophistication.

The show runs through May 21st and you can contact the gallery by clicking - BROWN BLACKBOARDS at FISCHBACH.   

Fischbach Gallery is located at 210 11th Avenue between 24th & 25th Streets.  



What's in a view?  Everything.   I'm a big believer in the power of settings, surroundings, and elements to shape our everyday life.  

ALICE DALTON BROWN - MOONDROPSImagine my excitement when I entered the Fischbach Gallery located on New York's waterfront in Chelsea.   If the gallery were empty, the view would be still be spectacular.   Located high above the pedestrian path on 26th street & 11th Avenue, the view of the Hudson River and the expanding Hudson River Parks ( see Who New for more on the Park) is really unique for a gallery.  Nothing as they say happens by accident.   Certainly the success of Fischbach for more than 50 years is no accident. 

In the Art world there are galleries that jump on a trend in the commercial market and run with it.  Typically that lasts for a few years and a gallery fades away.   Then there are galleries that actually curate and seriously guide artists to develop a following.    Galleries of this nature, ones that nurture an artist, are far and few between.   Fischbach is such a gallery, keeping an ear to the surrounding scene, while setting a unique path.  Ahead of the commercial curve, the gallery was also one of the first to make Chelsea their home.  Of course the neighborhood is now gallery central.   ALICE DALTON BROWN - DAYLILLIES  


The current show at Fishbach- Nocturnes and Diurnes -really underscores the  power of a view.   Artist Alice Dalton Brown is known for her ability to deliver emotion and spirit through scenes that leave much to the imagination.  The scenes however don't require any imagination at all to appreciate them.    In a way they are a tease, as there is so much we don't know about what we see.   The beauty is that it doesn't matter, because Brown is able to bring a sense of joy and calm to all who look.   There are no people, no pets, and often no buildings - yet you feel at home.

Gallery Director and Fischbach Partner, Lawrence DiCarlo told me that some of Ms. Brown's devoted collectors definitely like the "happy factor" of her work.   Who could blame them?  In a world where watching the news can make you want to throw in the towel, when you find an artist whose paintings give you a lift - you buy them!  This in no way diminishes Ms. Brown's work.  Quite the opposite is true.   After all, isn't that what art is meant to do?  Any artist that can cause an emotional reaction has achieved something special.   Brown's paintings are so skillfully created,  mastering a sense of light - both Sun and Moon in this show- as well as her amazing sense of movement.   ALICE DALTON BROWN - QUIET WINDOW

You might know Ms. Brown's work without realizing it.   The artist also has a huge commercial following for her posters.   Many a young art fan begins collecting one of Ms. Brown's calming scenes  through the extensive offering of her prints.  click PRINTS

In this time of fiscal second guessing, happy is a great investment.   Happy is always in-style in the long run.  The show however will not be open for the long run - so get to Fischbach as soon as you can.   If you miss the show, be sure to contact the gallery for more information about Alice Dalton Brown.  They are an authority on her work, as this is her twelth show at the gallery.  Also find out the schedule of what is coming as Fishbach delivers show after show.   

After you visit the gallery, cross the street and walk down the most amazing city park on any waterfront!  for more information click FISCHBACH and HUDSON RIVER PARK