Tuesday, April 9, 2013 at 11:39PM
JASON JOBSON in Art Basel, Damien Hirst, Fischbach Gallery, Jeff Koons, Lois Dodds, William McWillie Chambers III

GREEN SHOTGUN HOUSE, BATON ROUGE - LOIS DODD at FISCHBACH GALLERYAnyone with eyes and ears knows that the art world, like the fashion world, has been transformed from a passion of the classes to an entertainment of the masses.  Just like Couture runway shows from Dior and Chanel are now watched by millions over the internet, sales of Artists like Damien Hirst and Jeff koons become a spectacle events like Art Basel, and icons like Picasso are known to a global audience bigger than ever before.

However, there are galleries that still focus on the artist and the patron.   Those that mentor young artists and curate their showingsTULIPS - JACK BUSH at FISCHBACH GALLERY to grow a career organically.   Building a reputation for artists and for the galleries themselves.  In New York there is one such gallery I visit often.  High above the street level art boutiques found in Chelsea is a quiet space filled with beautiful art.  Fischbach Gallery at 210 11th Avenue @ 25th Street is a gem.   Show after show, the gallery is filled with American art, with a consistent focus on talent.  (Jack Bush showcased here was Canadian).  Many of the artists represented have a two decade (or longer) relationship with the gallery.

Currently, BLACK SHACK - JACK BUSH at FISCHBACH GALLERYthe collection exhibited courtesy of William McWillie Chambers III really spoke to me..  I recently visited New Orleans and Baton Rouge.  There are so many rich details that both those cities make you remember.  The food, the people, the land, and of the beautiful architecture -all impossible to forget.  One look at Lois Dodds - Green Shotgun House, Baton Rouge - and I was right back there.  The subtle composition, the tender shades of green.   Something so sad, so peaceful, so fresh?  It's all up to you isn't it?  But of course, that's art.    Click images to see so much more and contact FISCHBACH GALLERY.  

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