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GUCCI, GIVENCHY, AND FENDI BACKPACKSWhat's the hottest bag for the Holiday season?  If the streets of NYC are any indication, it's not so much a bag, but a pack.  The Backpack has gone from runway novelty to bona-fide must have for the most fashionable and trendy.  What was once solely a staple on college campuses and those younger school kids, now, every age is wearing the bag that is better for your back, convenient to carry, and just plain cool.

FENDI, THOM BROWNE, AND SALVATORY FERRAGAMO BACKPACKSProof this is a popular trend?  A simple search of the thorough website of Saks 5th Avenue - Saks.com returned over 600 results! 

FENDI LUXURY BACKPACK "ODE TO KARL" Every major label from Saint Laurent to Salvatore Ferragamo have a back pack for every fashionable guy or girl.  Todd's, Valentino, Gucci, Stella McCartney, and Fendi are on it!  To get a designer quality pack, you need a budget upwards of $1,200.00.  If the sky is the limit, there are exotic skin bags in $5k range.  Rest assured, there are an endless amount of options in between.  GIVENCHY'S PATRIOTIC BACKPACK

On the flip side, one of the coolest (and most modern) ways to go is much more budget conscious and straightforward.  That is where the brand you can't pronounce - FJallraven Kanken (say Fee-yal-raven Kank-in) comes in.  These - made bags have been around for decades in Northern Europe.  Born in Sweden in 1960,  the packs have been available in the US since 2009, but have invaded North America in the last two years.  AN ASSORTMENT OF FJALLRAVEN KANKEN BAGS SPOTTED IN NYCIf I had a $1.00 for every bag I've seen in NYC on the street.......well let's just say I'd be able to buy a Fjallraven Kanken for sure!   That is part of the charm though, you don't need to spend much more than $100.00 to have one of the larger of these super durable canvas bags.  They come in a range of colors and a few different sizes.  Smaller sizes well under $100.00.  THERE IS A SIZE, SHAPE, AND COLOR FOR EVERYONE FROM FJALLRAVEN KANKEN The bags are not made in Sweden. 

Another entry level option that has some added social responsibility is TOMS.  Yes, those favorite shoes you love to wear and love to buy because you know they are donating a pair of shoes to someone in need with every purchase you make, also have a range of backpacks to carry everything.  The packs also have a social angle.TOM'S TOMATO BACKPACK  Every backpack sold donates dollars to a STOP BULLYING cause in schools.  I'm a big fan of TOMS, so it's hard for me not to love everything they do!

Whatever your age, budget, or style.. get yourself a backpack this year.  I promise your back will thank you, and you can thank me by coming back to the site :)

NOTE TO SELF:  if you prefer the designer bags from the major fashion houses, but don't have the budget you need to hit the stores - OFF 5TH also has some very fashionable backpacks in stock.  As seen at OFF 5TH - Valentino backpacks in two sizes (you might not believe the brands you find there, sometimes 50% off!!)  Click over!




FENDI SPRING 2013 BY KARL LAGERFELDThe FENDISpring 2013 campaign is beautiful!  It's great to see one of Rome's premiere houses (now part of LVMH) shining bright this season.   So many times the collection sits in the shadow of that other project of designer Karl Lagerfeld.. you know.. a little company called CHANEL!   The French house of all things Couture is a global phenomenon, and Karl's creative process clearly starts onRue Cambon and eventually trickles over to Rome. 

FENDI SPRING 2013 BY KARL LAGERFELD1973 Lagerfeld started his design collaboration with the FENDI sisters.  Forty years later (Amazing!!), Karl maintains the collaboration with this Roman house of Luxury fashion.   Too many times though, FENDI can feel like CHANEL lite.  If CHANEL has wide belts, then FENDI has wide belts.   Bag in a bag this year at CHANEL?  Then it's bag in a bag next year at FENDI.  To be fair, designers all over the world copy Karl's designs at CHANEL.  I guess it makes sense Karl does it himself!FENDI - 2JOUR MEDIUM SATCHEL - $2,890.00

It's not a mystery, Karl Lagerfeld's rebirth of CHANEL in 1983 would ultimately change the face of the fashion world.  Karl's vision of COCO CHANEL's legacy achieved a level of success that surprised everyone in the industry.   It also was not an overnight game changer.   In the nineties, CHANEL had started it's own stable of brands a la LVMH or PPR (Soon to be Kering).   CHANEL financially backed the NY based designer Isaac Mizrahi, bought the legendary British game-hunting gunmaker  Holland & Holland,  acquired designer bathing suit company ERES, and FENDI BAGUETTE - SPRING 2013 - $2,190.00even planned a launch of a lower priced collection for CHANEL-aptly named BEIGE.  It did not come to fruition.   Then came the birth of the handbag obsession.  Luxury brands across the world quickly realized the growing potential for millions of new clients that could aspire to be clients of the most exclusive brands in the world via a handbag.   The bags served a dual purpose, 1) spreading the brands fame and 2) garnering huge profits at the same time.   All the other projects fell by the way side and CHANEL became the worlds ultimate luxury fashion brand.  Eres remains a star in the CHANEL universe.

FENDI spring 2013 is graphic, modern, and colorful.  While I'm often critical of Karl's shoulders at CHANEL (round and challenging) - at Fendi they are crisp and flattering.  The use of feathers and fur and color is exotic and just beautiful.   The colorful FENDI TIMEPIECES are unique - at a time when watches are all blending in.CHANEL SPRING 2013 BY KARL LAGERFELD - FASHION THERAPY SESSION? FILL IN THE BLANK - "WHY DID I ...."

The CHANEL campaign is always beautiful.  This season it seems the CHANEL girl is in Japan.  One shot even looks as if we are in on a Japanese therapy session.   Think Tatami mats instead of a Chesterfield Sofa!     Well.. in keeping with a therapy session - I want you to think about what we discussed and how it makes you feel - that's all the time we have for today!  

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