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CELINE - SPRING 2010 - PHOTO: MONICA FEUDISo Fresh, So chic, so right on.   The first collection Phoebe Philo showed for Celine was a breath of fresh air for the French Fashion house - to say the least.   The collection is hitting boutiques as I type, and the pieces are sure to be coveted by fans of Philo's former work at Chloe - and any women who appreciate beautiful, classic fashion.PHOEBE PHILO

The collection was minimal in silhouette, yet luxurious in fabrication.   A perfect combination at a time when women are feeling strange about spending large sums of money, for clothing that seems too over the top or extravagant.   The Earth tones of tropical wool trousers and rich brown leathers give a feeling of heritage and permanence, but are cut in modern shapes that flatter.  Several dresses were strong points of the show and overall the palette was muted, but never mundane. CELINE - SS 2010 - PHOTO: MONICA FEUDI

It seems as if the few years Philo had away from the spotlight gave her a fresh perspective.   Her vision of Celine is relevant and accurate in her interpretation of what women want, and what Celine needs to recapture an audience.   While the house has a chic reputation - rarely has it rang true at the cash register. 

CELINE- SS 2010 PHOTO: MONICA FEUDIFormer creative director - Michael Kors , was never able to make the brand a household name in America.   To his credit, Mr. Kors was able to breathe new life into the ultra classic brand.  (Think Chanel before Lagerfeld).  This was of course before Mr. Kors was reborn as a judge on Project Runway- and had, himself, become a household name.   Timing is everything and maybe it would have been Celine boutiques popping up in every mall across America instead of Michael Kors boutiques, if things had been different.    I'm guessing Michael is happy with how that worked out! (Actually I know Michael from the beach and once, years ago, friends and I sneaked into his house to surprise him and his house guests.  We interrupted movie night by taking over the stereo to blast Beyonce's -Bootylicious and dance on his coffee table..we were neighbors and bored and obviously had enjoyed a few cocktails -but that is a story for another time..)  Bravo Michael, for having the foresight to say yes to Project Runway and for never taking yourself too seriously.   Your collection has never looked better!CELINE - SS 2010 PHOTO: MONICA FEUDI

As for Phoebe Philo and Celine - the best is yet to come.   Judging from the first collection for Spring 2010 - what is coming, should be fantastic!   The Spring 2010 collection will be limited to just 24 boutiques globally. CELINE - SS 2010 PHOTO: MONICA FEUDI Three locations are in the U.S.  

Available in New York at Bergdorf Goodman and Barneys, and in Bal Harbour, Florida at the Celine Boutique in the posh Bal Harbour Shops.   

I told you the collection would be coveted!   Click CELINE to visit the website.  Find the store nearest you, before the items are as long gone as my bootylicious beach memories! 





TRAVAUX EN COURS (T.E.C) HAND WOVEN STRAW TOTE - $150 AT BERGDORF Heading to your friend's house at the beach this weekend?  If so, I have several great ideas for the gift that will let your host know just how much you appreciate the invite!   In this economy - weekend invites are worth their weight in gold!    When buying a gift for a host or hostess there are a few things to keep in mind.   Click - HAMPTONS HOLIDAY- to read on.



T.E.C. APRONS IN THE RIVIERA SUNThe chicest home collection from the south of France - Travaux En Cours has arrived in NYC just in time for the summer.   Just when you needed the perfect hostess gift for that long lazy weekend you are taking at your friend's house in the Hamptons - T.E.C. to the rescue!   Travaux En Cours or T.E.C. for short has been a favorite to those in the know on the French, Italian, & Spanish Riviera for a few years but never available here in New York.    No surprise - Bergdorf Goodman -the ultimate destination for style and design - is the store debuting the collection  this week.  

The collection is known for beautifully crafted aprons & weekend accessories perfect for grilling, projects around the house, or even to just throw on when company surprises you in the kitchen.


 Travaux En Cours is the brainchild of two busy friends living on the French Riviera, in the seaside town oF St. Raphael.  The designers wanted functional weekend gear that didn't look so clinical or like they borrowed their husband's apron.   The result is a unisex collection that is equally popular with men and women who love to work around the house, cook, garden, you name it.  You won't see big logos splashed across the pieces - that was the first priority of T.E.C.  The ladies were tired of seeing logos everywhere - even on a Saturday morning at the market! How tacky!   The Travaux pieces are chic and understated - just what you want from weekend accessories.T.E.C. IN A RAINBOW OF COLOR

Bergdorf Goodman is housing the collection in their world renowned Decorative Home Department on the 7th floor.   Look for both the full body apron and super cool belt apron.   The short belt apron is actually worn as a fashion accessory in Japan!  Also, don't miss the wicker tote bag in fashion colors - perfect for the beach!

Travaux En Cours means "Work In Progress" and the company says that refers to whatever project you are working on - a cake, a garden, or a garage door opener!   Whatever your task, you will be fully protected in style.   Even if you never make it to the Riviera - the T.E.C. aprons and accessories will make you feel like you did.

The company has also just launched a line of super chic bags - perfect for a casual trip - across country or to the market - your choice.   Supple suede, leather, and denim make them unlike any bag you've seen lately.   I'm sure it is just a matter of time before your nearest Neiman Marcus or Saks 5th Avenue is carrying them.   You read it here first!

**There is a capsule collection of bags available at Privet House up in Warren, Connecticut.   That would sound surprising if you didn't know that design guru Richard Lambertson has this uber cool gift shop near his weekend house in Litchfield Country.


Visit the 7th Floor at BERGDORF GOODMAN - 754 5th Avenue at 57th street NY, NY.T.E.C. HAND WOVEN STRAW TOTE - $150 AT BERGDORF GOODMAN

Store Hours: Monday–Friday 10–8. Saturday 10–7. Sunday 12–6

Or call the store at 212 753-7300 and ask for the Decorative Home Dept. and the T.E.C. aprons.

Privet house can be reached at (860) 868-1800.

Produced  from the finest fabrics from Italy and France, the aprons are hand finished in Portugal.  Known for the savoire faire of it's artisans, Portugal is responsible for some of the finest embroidered linens in the world.  The aprons range from $125 for the belt aprons to $165 for the classic apron shape.  They will last you a lifetime and are classic enough to never go out of style - just like your favorite fashion items!

Bonjour and Welcome - Travaux En Cours!!