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The SANDRA DAVOLIO PORCELAIN VESSEL AT J. LOHMANN GALLERY recent Fine Art Fair in Brigdehampton in July proved to have an upbeat mood.  The ArtHamptons fair seems to have built a loyal following of serious collectors and casual viewers creating a great social mix.   Great art and great people watching - both pastimes are rarely surpassed outside of New York, and especially in the Hamptons.

One standout exhibitor has become a show favorite.   J. Lohmann Gallery (NYC) consistently presents pieces that stop you in your tracks.   His curating skills are fine tuned, and his choice of artists - a true talent in itself.   He is the exclusive gallery in the U.S. of Ceramist Sandra Davolio (Italy & Denmark). 

Davolio has an amazing ability to create vessels that mimic nature.  They somehow feel like undiscovered coral reefs from some underwater cavern on another planet.   They are stunning, and Lohmann's eye for selecting the most unique items to showcase in his collection is a delight to experience.    Be sure to see J. Lohmann Gallery during the next exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory in September.   Click image above to see more.



ANSELM REYLE - MIXED MEDIA SCULPTUREOne of the hottest artists at this years Art Basel in Miami displayed his work on a most unusual medium - Christian Dior handbags.    Berlin based artist Anselm Reyle was tapped by Delphine Arnault to design a capsule collection of Dior classics.  Reyle covered all accessories from shoes, to bangles, to bags,ANSELM REYLE FOR DIOR in his signature modern designs awash in color and camo.  Dior signature caning is oversized and asymmetric, and the results are awesome.  The collection that Reyle has created has a Warhol like quality to it, colorful and irreverent, with just enough classic Dior details.

While I'm excited to see Christian Dior creating some much needed positive public relations, I'm saddened that this brand is still left languishing on the vine.  Long before John Galliano had his public meltdown and left Dior, the brand had lost it's lustre for all but it's most dedicated fashion clients in North America.   My worry is that while business mogul Bernard Arnault, the owner of LVMH and Christian Dior, holds on to Dior as a trophy in hisANSELM REYLE FOR DIOR WALLET luxury crown, he lacks the vision needed to truly foster a Couture house like Dior.  PURPLE CAMO BANGLE - REYLE FOR DIOR

Many industry insiders fear that Mr. Arnault has the same formula planned that he created at Louis Vuitton.  Arnault took control of the storied luggage house and expanded it's reach across the globe.   By lowering average price point and increasing category range, Mr. Arnault was able to turn a small luxury collection into a multi-billion dollar brand.    American designer Marc Jacobs was made creative director and quickly partnered with modern artist Stephen SprouseDIOR PLATFORM BY ANSELM REYLE  Sprouse would make graffiti covered LV bags a must-have and it helped change the brand image and make it one of the hippest in the accessory world.  Marc Jacobs also launched RTW at Louis Vuitton, but it is given little attention from luxury shoppersANSELM REYLE FOR DIOR CAMO COMPACT.   Shoes also get the cold shoulder for the most part.  At LV, it's logo mania on bags and wallets, and there has never been a greater demand globally for a resin coated canvas product.   However, Dior is so much more than just a bag collection.  Christian Dior revolutionized the fashion industry with his talent in construction and draping.  His "New Look" would be the inspiration for designers from the late 1940's to this day.  It is such a waste of a legacy and a legend to relegate the Dior brand to just bags and shoes.  Dior is so much more than just a bag collection.  ARTIST - ANSELM REYLE  Christian Dior (the Collection) deserves to represent the finest designs in the Couture and RTW world.  An avant-garde designer needs to be chosen as the new creative director and given the control he or she needs to re-launch this iconic brand.

Enter Anselm Reyle for Dior.   While it seems like an exciting new project, when you look at the history of LVMH, it seems more like a calculated formula that has been played out before. 

Let's hope Christian Dior can once again become the most exciting RTW collection in the industry.  Bernard Arnault has the power to do just that, if he will allow it.



PRETTY GIRLS PH: PAMELA BERKOVICPamela Berkovic sees things you don't.  Literally, because she is backstage in places the public aren't permitted, creatively because she has the eye of a great photographer.    Ms. Berkovic finds moments in the chaotic setting of the back of house at fashion events from New York to Paris.   It is her keen ability to create images that are beautiful and powerful that stand on their own.   Every shot is a valid work of art.  With the current obsession of photographers to find gritty "real" shots of models and people on the street, talented images like Pamela's are a breath of fresh air.  It's no surprise that the biggest names in fashion like Stella McCartney, Thom Browne, & Cacharel give Pamela full access to their fashion events.  SCHOOL OF TULLE PH: PAMELA BERKOVIC

Fashion shows are no doubt one of the most stressful days in the life of a designer.   Months of work come down to 10 minutes of action in a multimillion dollar runway show.  Even more testament to Pamela's work that deisgners trust her to be back of house when chaos is unfolding!

Click BERKOVIC to visit Pamela's website and PHOTO to see the DELIBERATE DIABLO PH: PAMELA BERKOVIC most current shots on her blog.   Take note of her name - you will be seeing it in print for years to come!   ABSOLUTE ANGEL PH: PAMELA BERKOVIC 



Provincetown, Massachusetts has a long tradition for hosting and inspiring artists from many different schools.  Painters, Photographers, Writers, and Performers create some of their finest work here decade after decade after decade.  The sun, sand, and salt air create a magic combination - and a light that is rarely duplicated.Kevin McDermott - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Photographer Kevin McDermott is one artist clearly inspired by the natural beauty of this place.   Based in New York, McDermott has been drawn to Provincetown to shoot breathtaking landscapes.    Gallery Ehva in P-town will host Mr. McDermott's latest show from August 26th through September 14th.FARAONE MENNELLA - FINE JEWELRY - PH: KEVIN McDERMOTT

McDermott has built a well rounded portfolio.  His success is due in part to his ability to move from vast landscapes, to intimate portraits with the same amount of detail and insight.   After all, great photographers have a vision, a way to see things that most of us don't - capturing a beauty we might not see.   TENAMPA TEQUILA - PH: KEVIN McDERMOTT

Fashion fans know his work from fine jewelry and interior design campaigns, and just about anyone who reads magazines has seen his work in the world of Wine & Spirits.   

McDermott also has a following for fans of the Male form.  His powerful portraits of Male models are sought after by collectors from around the world.   McDermott is also sought after by aspiring models building their own portfolios.   Models and modeling agencies know that the right shot from a talented photographer like Kevin can be worth gold in a portfolio shown to prospective clients.  TRAINER TO THE STARS, MODEL, & SINGER/SONGWRITER - ISAAC SMITH

In addition to physical beauty, McDermott's live models typically have more to offer than just what meets the eye.   Case in point is Isaac Smith.   Mr. Smith carries several titles.  Personal Trainer to the stars, Male Model, & Singer/Songwriter are three he juggles day to day with ease.   Smith has a loyal following of high profile clients that he transforms via old-school and state of the art training techniques.   In addition, Isaac has a singing voice that somehow sounds like a cross between Seal & Frank Sinatra.   You don't get to use the word Crooner too often these days, but Smith's vocals definitely invoke that term.     Isaac is also in talks with producers about a TV project based on his training techniques.  How's that for multi-tasking?

To see more of Kevin McDermott's work - click KEVIN McDERMOTT to visit his website.   Of course if you can get to Provincetown before September 14th - visit the Ehva Gallery to this beautiful show.  Click Email Isaac today to plan your workout regimen, or to find out more about his music.  If you contact him now, I bet Isaac can get you in better shape by September 14th as well!



OS GEMEOS CREATURE - P.S. 11 IN CHELSEAIdentical twin brothers Otavio and Gustavio Pandolfo are known the world over as Os Gemeos - or the twins in Portuguese.  Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil Os Gemeos are tagging the world- one giant mural at a time.

THE UNITED NATIONS OF SHORTSThe Pandolfo brothers create massive creatures that seem as if they are on some humanitarian effort from another planet.  A few months ago their latest mural - or one eerily similar to their work popped up in NYC, down in Chelsea.   Gracing the side of the seven story P.S. 11 - this Os Gemeos creature is uniting the world with his (or her) U.N. shorts made of flags from nations around the world.  OS GEMEOS IN THE DISTANCE

The kids at P.S. 11 are accustomed to art on the walls - the school is covered with messages of the hopes and dreams of the students.   Obviously, P.S. 11 is a school that is fostering creativity and teaching students to work hard and dream big!OVER THE RAINBOW AT P.S. 11 IN CHELSEA

Of course graffiti art has taken on an entirely different reputation and value in the last 10 years.   Crossing over into the mainstream modern art world - some of these artists that were once just the bane of local police forces everywhere - have become multi millionaires through prestigious art gallery showings.   You can't mention the medium without talking about Banksy - the elusive grand master of the movement.  Subject of the cult documentary - Exit Through the Gift Shop - Banksy has eluded personal fame and remained anonymous - even as his work become known around the world.   P.S. 11 IN CHELSEA - NYCThe Banksy twist on iconic images through political and social statements makes the work unmistakable.  The movie is a must see for any fan of modern art.   Clearly, the internet and social media has changed the modern art world forever.   Marketing and Public Relations wizards know have 21st century wands to wave and go just about anywhere with the snap of a digital camera or the click of a mouse. 

For more images of Os Gemeos creations, click - DEITCH

To Watch Exit Through The Giftshop now, click BANKSY MOVIE.




COLIN BROWN - SELVA OSCURA - FISCHBACH GALLERY * PARTIAL IMAGE*One of the galleries that helped put Chelsea on the Art world map has a gem of a show happening now!  By showcasing American artists with a unique eye and style, Fischbach Gallery has built a reputation that warrants attention from collectors from around the world.   This month artist Colin Brown  and his collection of "Blackboards" gives yet another example of the eclectic and fantastic talent that Fischbach curates.COLIN BROWN - THE 9TH LAKE - REVISED

Brown is a native New Yorker who grew up in the creative playground that only NYC can provide.  The energy and pulse that keeps New York moving produces talented creatives in all areas of the arts by the year, decade, and century.  The 23rd story view from his parent's apartment was more than a passive inspiration for Brown as a child and clearly in his adulthood and ultimately his work.

The time consuming process involved in creating these unique works of art that Brown calls "Blackboards" is painstaking.  

COLIN BROWN - HOUSE OF THE MORNING STARFirst, Brown applies a white under surface on a panel and then applies the black layers of dusted nickel, carbon, and charcoal powder.   It is with a jeweler's tool that brown removes tiny bits of black again and again, creating the illusion of light.   These works first appear to be night photographs, which by themselves would be desirable enough to purchase.   Once you realize the level of detail and craft involved, it really takes the work to another level completely.

Selva Oscura or Dark Forrest was the title aptly chosen for this show that has an interesting balance of darkness and light.   The reference of course, to Dante and his masterpiece - The Divine Comedy.    After all, New York has long been the place of great extremes - both magical and maniacal!

I promise you will not find another artist today, in any gallery showing,  that has such finely crafted works of art with this level of sophistication.

The show runs through May 21st and you can contact the gallery by clicking - BROWN BLACKBOARDS at FISCHBACH.   

Fischbach Gallery is located at 210 11th Avenue between 24th & 25th Streets.