Painter Lisa Warren brings the GREEN this Holiday Season and every day! 
Tuesday, November 28, 2017 at 2:09AM
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FIRST FERN - LISA WARREN Artist Lisa Warren loves nature, and people.  It's the first thing you know when viewing her work.  It's obvious.  I first saw her landscape and nature pieces at a solo show in Salisbury, CT at the newly renovated and expanded Sweet William's. They stopped me in my tracks.  Her use of color and her ability to turn a walk in the woods into a masterful still-life is unique.   I saw the show one Saturday and I couldn't stop thinking about it.  I do love to garden, but this went way beyond my fondness of plants. ONE BRICK HOUSE - LISA WARREN The composition is perfectly balanced, in a completely natural and yet what appears to be random layout.  Her use of color is so powerful, yet soothing.  I couldn't look away.  These landscape works seem to have been a focus for Warren over the course of a few years in 2013-15.  More recently, se has also garnered considerable attention for portraits.  In fact her self portraits are extremely powerfulONE YELLOW LEAF - LISA WARREN

Art is many things to many people, and when a work can give me a sudden sense of joy, and calm, and takes all of my focus - that's when I know (at least for me) - I'm witnessing something special. NO GRAB YOU CAN'T - LISA WARREN

I hope you think Lisa Warren is as special as I do.

Her next solo show will be in Sharon, CT during the Month of December and into the new year (through January 14th).   Click over to Gallery STANDARD SPACE to find out more about this show, or over to LISA WARREN 's own site to find out more about her full body of work.   It's worth the clicks!

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