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ARTPOP - LADY GAGA - SCULPTURE BY JEFF KOONSThe biggest global sensation in pop culture.. aka Stefani Germanotta.. aka LADY GAGA has just released her third album -ARTPOP.  The first single Applause, helped to launch not only the new album, but Gaga's perfected persona - Performance Artist.  Proving the power of her fame she so loudly sang about on her first and second albums, Gaga collaborated with none other than the biggest pop artist of his generation - Jeff Koons.   Koons is having a pretty good year.   He is happily married to a beautiful wife, has a house full of children, a studio full of staff, and a bank account that could make any Wall Street banker smile.  Last week, the sale of Mr. Koon's balloon dog at Christie's for $58.4 Million dollars makes him the highest grossing living artist - ever.   Koons created a living Lady Gaga that reflects his current exhibition of mirrored balls and also a nod to the sculptures that put him on the map.   The artist made his name by immortalizing his first wife, Hungarian born, Italian porn star and then Senator, Cicciolina, in erotically posed sculptures.     The Koons Gaga graces the cover of ARTPOP, in full color.  

I wasn't the biggest fan of Lady Gaga's second album.  I loved her first album and continue to listen to tracks regularly even now, almost 5 years later.   So far, I must admit... I love the latest.   Applause has the hook that makes it a dance and workout classic - more important and valuable than many reviewers acknowledge.  With a nod to the B52's, Gaga continues to master sexy pop references that shaped her first two albums with the second single VENUS.   Madonna continues to be an ever present influence, but with the latest album - the references are more quirky.  I think the hidden gem is the title track.  Artpop had me hooked in just a few seconds.   The sultry beats and her purring voice.. it's Debbie Harry, it's David Bowie, it's Amanda Lear, it's referencing pop music and pop art in the best possible way.

Also, I MUST commend this woman.  To be a beautiful young girl at the top of your career in 2013 and NOT be obsessed with looking sexy at all costs is a bold choice.   It is the RIGHT choice, but a bold choice in a world of trashy Kardashians and young pop singers who can't get past looking as overtly sexual as possible.   Thanks to Gaga for representing the cerebral beauty, and provoking thoughts - the most attractive aspect of all!

Get ARTPOP now.. you'll be enjoying it for months and years to come!  

Click cover art to preview the album.  Watch the video for Applause below.



When something happens once, they call it a fluke.   Twice is a coincidence, but three times is bona fide!  So, what do they say after four times?  A phenomenon?  Well I'm not sure of the technical term, but this is the year that POP music went FERRAGAMO!  Never before have so many leading ladies of song worn Ferragamo.   Just as the biggest names in Hollywood wore Salvatore Ferragamo's creations in the 20's, 30's, and 40's - the biggest names in Pop Music are wearing Massimiliano Giornetti's latest vision of this global luxury brand in 2011!   Lady Gaga, Madonna, Katy Perry, and Beyonce.   That list reads like the Grammy nominations, but in fact, all wore Ferragamo in the last six months!  Whether the ladies were going for sophisticated, sexy, or outright Diva - all were seduced by the style and sparkle of the glow surrounding Ferragamo this year.

Beyonce is the latest global superstar to make Ferragamo RTW a cover story.  The November issue of Harper's Bazaar comes to life with Beyonce in motion in a Ferragamo metallic fringe jacket from the Resort 2012 collection.   The glamorous show staged at the Duke Mansion in NYC made a big impression on the Fashion and Entertainment world - this cover proves it.  Beyonce on Harper's Bazaar is proof positive that Massimiliano's vision of Ferragamo RTW is 5-star luxury!   Women and men love Beyonce, for her talent, her beauty, and her incredible style.   This is one woman on the top of the world.  Recently announcing she is expecting, Beyonce has welcomed a new album this year - and next year, a baby!  

MADONNA IN FERRAGAMO - VENICE FILM FESTIVALMadonna wore Ferragamo to her press conference at the Venice Film Festival in SeptemberMADONNA - LOVE DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE showcasing her latest baby.   Madonna was presenting her latest film venture, behind the camera.   Her latest directorial effort is -W.E.,  a fictionalization of King Edward and Wallis Simpson's sordid affair.  Considering the reception the film has received, Madonna might be listening to her ballad "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" - always one of my favorite Madonna tunes.

Lady Gaga went gaga for the Ferragamo Fall Winter 2011 collection during her appearance on The View earlier this Spring.   Gaga took the houndstooth trend to the extreme and wore head to toe Ferragamo - and even had her piano covered in the same fabric!  I think that means she liked it!! LADY GAGA IN HEAD-TO-PIANO FERRAGAMO Gaga performed songs from her new album - Born This Way.

Last but certainly not least, Katy Perry steamed up the pages of In-Style Magazine in October wearing the two hottest trends from Ferragamo this Fall - Houndstooth and Glenn Plaid are all over the runways this season in Italy and France, and are sure to be seen even wider next Spring. 

Perry is also having a year to remember.   Her Teenage Dream album helped the singer break records, becoming the first ever to have five #1 songs on Billboard Pop Chart.    TGIF is the latest hit single, and the one to break the record!

The Ferragamo RTW collection is on fire this year, but of course the house made it's name over 80 years ago with avant-garde shoe design that literally created the world of designer shoes.   Salvatore Ferragamo was light years ahead ofKATY PERRY IN FERRAGAMO - IN-STYLE OCTOBER 11 his time.   Many of his original designs from the 30's are still put in production in limited editions today.   Labeled as Ferragamo Creations Collection, those limited shoes celebrate Salvatore's relationship with the leading ladies of Hollywood. FERRAGAMO UNICA - LIMITED EDITION - $1,250.00 Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Carmen Miranda, Marlene Dietrich, Lauren Bacall, & many many more legendary actresses wore and continue to wear Ferragamo.  One great example is the  layered sole Unica.   This style was originally designed in 1939 and still looks futuristic today.  BLK/ GRAY BALLERINA FLAT - $450.00 It is also so wearable and relevant with the hottest fashion from runways this season.

Today the Ferragamo collections contain hundreds of styles that range from sedate to sexy,  and every look in-between.   One great classic style that has been reborn is the Varina.  This ballet flat is one of the hottest styles in the boutiques, and it's one of those shoes that hot with women from 18 to 80.  That's when you know a brand is major!

If you haven't been to a Ferragamo Boutique in a season or two, visit now to see what you've been missing.