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The Parisian Woman -Uma Thurman On Broadway

POWER - PASSION - POLITICS - THE PARISIAN WOMAN ON BROADWAYWith the state of affairs of  Politics in 2018,  I had no idea a play about Washington, and the personal lives of it's "Deep State" inhabitants could be so entertaining and relaxing!  I went to see The Parisian Woman, starring Uma Thurman, Josh Lucas, Blair Brown, Marton Csokas, and Philippa Soo solely based on the idea of Uma making her Broadway debut.  I'm a sucker for a well designed Poster, and the Parisian Woman delivers showcasing Thurman as "Chloe" in a glamorous shot that captures her beauty and cunning. UMA THURMAN MAKES HER BROADWAY DEBUT STARRING AS "CHLOE" IN "THE PARISIAN WOMAN" Uma Thurman always delivers alluring, complicated, and intriguing performances - so I knew she wouldn't disappoint.

UMA THURMAN AND BLAIR BROWN ON STAGE IN THE PARISIAN WOMAN AT HUDSON THEATERThe play, written by Beau Willimon - creator of House of Cards - takes place in Washington, DC.  In an Oh-so-current script about the "Up is Down" and "Right is Wrong" atmosphere Donald Trump has created - it's every (slimy) man and woman for themselves. UMA THURMAN AND JOSH LUCAS RELAX IN THE WASHINGTON TOWN HOSUE SET, CREATED BY DEREK MCLANE - YOU'LL WANT TO MOVE TO WASHINGTON FOR THIS LIVING ROOM ALONE It's a sort of Wild West or Gold Rush for the morally bankrupt, and those who are not yet chapter 11 in morality - but whose dwindling fortunes of ethics is being depleted by the day.  

Admittedly, I had NO idea it was a political play, or who wrote it.   I went blind, which is a wonderful experience when you're trusting actors as talented as this cast.   Blair Brown - most recently seen in Orange Is the New Black is electric!  Her presence is booming and from the minute she speaks - she demands your attention. UMA THURMAN WITH JOSH LUCAS AND MARTON CSOKAS, THE MEN IN HER LIFE, ON STAGE IN THE PARISIAN WOMAN

Uma Thurman delivers in presenting a woman keeping up appearances, or keeping them down as the case may be.  PHILIPPA SOO AND BLAIR BROWN IN THE PARISIAN WOMAN There are plot twists and detailed story lines you shouldn't know before seeing the show.   Josh Lucas holds his own as the Melba Toast husband who probably doesn't have the steel he needs to cut to the chase in Washington backstabbing.  Philippa Soo and Marton Csokas are also essential players to keep this game of intrique going for the 90 minute show with no intermission. 

I saw the show on a cold December night, and from the moment the curtain rose to reveal the set designed by Dereck McLane's gorgeous set, I wanted to be right at home with the cast.   You would be challenged to find a more realistic and sophisticated set in any show depicting a current day, well-to-do home.   I'd go see the show again just for the sets.   Staging and direction by Pat McKinnon is also on the mark. 

The title derives it's name from several references to play and movies with society gossip and intrigue, and in this show is the foundation for the Uma's "Chloe" to set the bar for her romantic life lessons.  The takeaway from the show?  Is ambition, and the apparent lack thereof, easily assessed by people we think we know? 

Hudson Theater is a spectacular venue to experience Broadway, regardless if you go monthly, or make a pilgrimage once a year.  A staple on the great white way since 1903, the theater had a complete renovation a few years ago.  It sparkles.  There is a charming lounge upstairs and if you can purchase the pass for access and a class of champagne it is well worth the entry fee.   Spending 30 minutes in the lounge before the show really made me stop, relax, and get ready for a night at the theater.   Typically, rushing from work to get to the show there is little time to spare to get in, get seated, and then process what you are watching.   I can't recommend it enough.  In fact, in the future, I'm going to keep an eye at what is playing at Hudson Theater, as this venue would make any show better. 

The Parisian Woman closes March 11th - so get your croissant there asap!