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THE WORLD OF GLORIA VANDERBILT by WENDY GOODMANGloria Vanderbilt has been famous since birth.   Born into one the richest families in American history, her life was chronicled in every newspaper and tabloid of the day.   Much of the attention at that time was due to the wicked custody battle (1934) surrounding her life, as relatives were determined to remove her from a mother deemed "not suitable".   The general public was fascinated to read the decadent details of the rich and famous at a time when most were living through economic hardship.   While the details of her childhood are as rich as any novel, it is the life that Gloria created for herself some 80 years on, that is far more interesting.

A bohemian and artist at heart, Vanderbilt would evolve into one of the most celebrated and connected socialites in the world.   There was fame and infamy from her various ventures that included creating designer jeans before any other celebrity had branded themselves.   The Gloria Vanderbilt signature logo and white swan symbol was as famous as any fashion brand and would eventually be taken from her due to unsavory contractual situations.   Vanderbilts life story is a true roller coaster ride of fantastic highs and debilitating lows.GLORIA VANDERBILT AND SON ANDERSON COOPER

This year Wendy Goodman, a true arbiter of style in her own right and New York design world legend has published a tribute to Gloria and all her style.   The World of Gloria Vanderbilt is an incredible collection of photographs and stories of this blue-blood beauty and her one of a kind life.  To this day, Vanderbilt remains true to her spirit as a bit of a shift shaper.   She embraces change and keeps moving.

The foreword is a touching tribute to Gloria written by her son, world famous news anchor Anderson Cooper.  Cooper pays tribute to his mother with great affection, also with a sense of objectivity that one must when describing someone surrounded by fame.  Coopers writing displays a great understanding of his mothers need to be her own person.  

One of the most gorgeous books in print, The World ofDELUXE EDITION AT RALPH LAUREN HOME Gloria Vanderbilt by Wendy Goodman is one to buy for yourself and one to gift to anyone with a great sense of style.   The book is an inspiration for anyone passionate about interiors, fashion, and will give any reader a boost of independence and zest for life.  Ralph Lauren hosted Vanderbilt and Goodman for a book signing in his brand new store on 72nd & Madison Avenue.   This gorgeous mansion was the most appropriate setting to host on of New York's most famous citizens.   Lauren has created a deluxe version of the book packaged beautifully in a purple showcase.   The set also includes an 8x10 print of Vanderbilt.   Click Ralph Lauren Home to purchase the deluxe edition.   A traditional copy can be purchased at fine gift store - William Wayne & Co on Lexington Avenue.  The store is known for amazing customer service and as a destination for finding the perfect housewarming or hostess gift. Click on store name for website info.    To purchase the traditional edition on-line Click GV at AMAZON.




Just when I thought it was safe to read on a plane without disturbing the cabin, David Sedaris is back with another collection of short stories - Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk.   Sedaris is known the world over for his stories that poke fun at outrageous family members and neighbors,  who are all too often familiar to readers.    Books like- Me Talk Pretty One Day, Holidays On Ice, & Naked have been translated into twenty six languages, proving that millions of people relate to the off beat and unflattering references cooked up by the mind of Sedaris.  These stories actually make me that guy that laughs out loud while reading on a plane. (I normally hate that guy!).

This time around the stories are told through various members of the animal kingdom, in the form of demented fables that are classic David Sedaris.   If possible, using animals as characters has made the racist, bigoted, & plain unsociable behavior that is so fun to cringe at, even more deplorable - in the most hilarious manner.  In addition, the book is so perfectly illustrated by Ian Falconer of Olivia the Piglet fame.   The animal illustrations give the book a strange bedside table quality.   This makes the stories read like little gems to savour one at a time, night after night.

Sedaris is a regular guest on NPR Radio and hearing him read his own stories is not to be missed.   With the release of Squirrel Seeks Chipmunk, Sedaris has also set out on an exhausting book tour throughout North America.   To meet David Sedaris and have your copy of his latest autographed, visit DAVID SEDARIS BOOKS to find a signing near you.



Interiors editor and author Susanna Salk is one busy gal.   With her contributing duties to 1stdibs, ivillage, & regular segments on the Today show - you would think that would keep a wife and mother of two overwhelmed.   You would be wrong.   Susanna Salk is a creative dynamo that proves the adage, a rolling stone gathers no moss!  Salk has more projects on her plate on a slow day than most have when swamped!  

Always one to be on trend and ahead of the curve, Salk has just released her latest book Room for Children by Rizzoli.    New Yorkers know that there is a definite urban baby boom happening!   For the first time in recent memory, couples are deciding not to move to the suburbs once they are planning a family.   With the expanse of city parks and family friendly spaces, it makes sense families are staying urban.   City apartments bring a whole different set of challenges than suburban homes when decorating. The book gives a million great suggestions for decorating kids rooms so that it can engage your child's imagination, while still fitting in with the overall theme of your home.   Room for Children gives you the perfect solution regardless of the size of the space you are working with.little bg GARDEN NYMPH

Bergdorf Goodman hosted a book signing for Susanna's latest book in the newly renovated little bg department!  Housed on the 7th floor, little bg is dazzling with everything your little prince or princess could want.

Of course, it was a packed house.  The super stylish moms of New York society turned out in force.  Susanna was super chic in a gorgeous J. Crew Couture dress and dazzling Michael Dawkins Sterling cuff.

SALK SIGNS COPIES OF HER LATEST - ROOM FOR CHILDREN AT BGOne of the most refreshing things about Susanna is her lack of pretension.  She simply doesn't have the time for it!  I ran into her a week prior at the Ferragamo Fall preview event.  Even running from one photo shoot to another, Salk was style on the go!  Ferragamo's fall collection is chock full of amazing accessories.  Click Ferragamo to see the exotic bag Susanna had her eye on! 

Room for Children is the perfect gift for anyone expecting or for the coffee table of anyone with children..

Click KIDS ROOM to buy one now.  Also click on Susanna Salk above to visit her website and blog.