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I'm so happy to have the guys from Style Pilot guest blog here this week!   A great topic with Father's day not far behind Mother's day - Choosing a Tie.   This critical accessory for many men can be challenging.   I've inserted a few of my favorite ties I've worn to accompany the article.  With that, I'll turn it over to Style Pilot:

DARK JACKET / CRISP WHITE SHIRT / STRIPED PINK TIE - RITZ CARLTON GOLF - NAPLES, FLThere are so many different styles and patterns of ties that it is no wonder many men are confused as to the best choice. Here we take a look at what it takes to find the right men’s tie for the right occasion.

What tie to buy?

When you are thinking of buying a new tie then one of your first considerations should be the colour of shirt you wish to team it with. If is it is a tie for a special occasion then you can afford to go a little wild and to spend some money on something unusual and eye catching. Do remember however that you must never wear too much pattern at one time or you will look eccentric rather than stylish.

ALIGHT SUIT / PINK SHIRT / DARK TIE - ALL FERRAGAMO white shirt is a perfect canvas to begin with if you are unsure of what suits you or if you are new to wearing ties. Any colour and shape of tie will go well with a crisp white shirt. Whether it is skinny or kipper shaped – well maybe steer clear of kipper shaped – you will find that for the beginner this will be your best bet!

In general, a skinny tie looks best with a close fitting single breasted suit and not a large “boxy” style or double breasted jacket. When choosing a skinny tie, you cannot go wrong with classic black and a textured fabric will add more interest. You must also always remember to choose one which looks in proportion to your frame. Try a few on and see which looks best. Skinny ties are a style classic.

What colours go with what?

Ok, so we all have our tried and tested favourite colours which we know suit us. However safe can become boring and sometimes we all need to step out of our comfort zone! So let’s say that you have bought a:DARK JACKET / PALE SHIRT / DARK TIE

How to match the right tie with the right suit

If in doubt, keep everything simple. A simple white shirt and dark suit can look amazing with a patterned or coloured silk tie. Keep having fun with your ties and it will all come together! 


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