Monday, February 6, 2012 at 12:35AM
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CONVERSE CHUCK TAYLOR "BLANK CANVAS" SNEAKERS - UTRECHTArt supply Mecca Utrecht has an exclusive that is getting major attention from art fans from coast to coast.  Converse Chuck Taylor "Blank Canvas" sneakers are available at Utrecht now!  Available in low and high tops, and as of this week - kids sizes!   The shoes are popular with kids of all ages and are found at the center of attention at birthday parties with themes of all types.   Quickly becoming a favorite with artists, the shoes also disappear once they have been customized.   I'm sure you have already seen them without knowing it.

Customized kicks already have cult status and finding them for $250 orSBTG CUSTOM CHUCK TAYLOR - CLICK TO LEARN MORE higher is not uncommon. 

Fendi had a handbag similar to the blank canvas sneaker FENDI PAINT IT YOURSELF HANDBAGa few years back.  The limited edition bag came with a set of magic markers to custom design your one-of-a-kind bag.   Too bad most luxury shoppers aren't as in touch with their inner artist as the Chuck Taylor fans are!  ** Fendi is re-launching the iconic baguette this year!


Get your own blank canvas kicks now.   Make them part of any party you are having for kids of all ages - even those 50 and older!   Visit Utrechtnow - point and click and get them shipped ASAP.



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