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CACHAREL - PH: PAMELA BERKOVIC On a warm evening in May, a select group of NY's fashion and design crowd gathered on the Upper East Side to celebrate the opening of Pamela Berkovic's collection of photographs.  This exhibit : Pamela Berkovic - A Woman's Eye did not disappoint

Known for her ability to pinpoint striking moments in the somewhat chaotic scene of fashion shows, Berkovic works from a vantage point that most people never have access to.  Some of the fashion worlds most celebrated and successful fashion designers invite her backstage during what is probably the most stressful few hours of their year.  They do so because they know her talent, and trust her vision to capture the most beautiful shots of this environment they create just a few times a year.  This is no small achievement.  Considering designers spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, for a roughly 20 minute fashion show, to say the day can be a landmine of stressful situations is an understatement.   While "backstage" has become a popular genre for designers and photogs, it's true to say that Pamela Berkovic helped make it so.  She was one of the first (the first?) of her generation to be taking a different view of "fashion" and "beauty".  ZAC POSEN PH: PAMELA BERKOVIC

This exhibit included some of Berkovics favorite shots from recent years, not limited to fashion.  IN BLOOM : PH: PAMELA BERKOVIC Her use of lighting and her focus can take you by surprise, and command your attention.  She is easily one of the strongest photographers to work in the fashion industry in the last decade. 

It's no surprise that the exhibit was such a success.  Within a short time, many prints were sold. LANVIN - PH: PAMELA BERKOVIC

I'm excited to see where Ms. Berkovic will focus her eye next.  Inevitably, talented photographers are recruited for large commercial projects.  Some of the shots in this exhibit from campaigns were among her strongest.  With a portfolio that is so sophisticated, any campaign or project from the studio of Pamela Berkovic would be a first class affair.   Is film next?

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