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THE CANALI KEI BLAZER - KNOWN FOR IT'S "TOP" FINISHING AND DETAILINGI've been working in the world of designer fashion for over 20 years.  I have always told shoppers the first thing you should ask yourself when you look at any piece of clothing or accessory - Where is this made?.   Once you know the country of origin, you can appreciate the price point of that item.  The reason being - the standards and practices of work environments varies greatly from country to country.  In addition to the ethical standards, there is a legacy of luxury for very few countries in terms of savoir faire or "know how" when it comes to hand crafted designer goods.  MADE IN ITALY, is second to none when it comes to the finest of materials, craftsmanship, and work place standards in the manufacturing world.

In Italy, there are just a handful of companies that have a true legacy of luxury. LUXURIOUS COTTON SHIRTING, MADE IN ITALY For any man that knows designer goods, the name CANALI is one that represents the finest quality in Italian fashion.  What started long ago with fine-tailoring and suiting, has grown and grown over the years.  Today, Canali offers all categories from Shoes, to Shirting, to Casual sportswear, outerwear, accessories and more.  A family run business from 1934, now run by the third generation, Canali has represented Italian Craftsmanship with pride for decades and decades.

Regardless if you are required to wear a suit every day, or if you do so as a personal passion, a tailored suit from the SU MISURA  / MADE TO MEASURE custom program at Canali would be a highlight of any wardrobe.  A RANGE OF BACKPACKS AND BAGS - FROM BUSINESS CASUAL TO ALL BUSINESSThe fit of a custom suit is unparalleled, and that suit is yours for years and years to come.  Every man needs at least one finely tailored suit in their closet.  Two is better, and three better still.  Once you have several you can start to have seasonal options and special occasion choices.

The most fun?  When you can cherry pick the collection from several categories.  With 4 or 5 go-to items that you can count on - you can put together a great wardrobe... be it on Summer Vacation.. or a Winter getaway .

One of the coolest items I found recently when shopping the brands website?  A limited edition set of headphones.. HANDMADE.  Each set has a luxe Canali leather strap connecting the handmade headphones by PRYMA, with Sonus Faber Audio technology.  These are an EXCLUSIVE to CANALI.COM in celebration of their excellent US web-store.  CLICK OVER NOW - as these are limited edition.   I can't think of a cooler Father's Day Gift for ANY guy that loves beats. HEAD TO TOE - CANALI HAS YOU COVERED 

SHOP CANALI in your favorite department store or high-end haberdashery shop near you.  Over 1000 stores in over 100 countries carry these fine garments.  If you are lucky, you live near one of the almost 200 company owned stores.. Click CANALI BOUTIQUES to find the one nearest to you. PRYMA FOR CANALI LIMITED EDITION HEADPHONES, WITH SONUS FABER AUDIO TECHNOLOGY

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