Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 4:09PM
JASON JOBSON in Fall 2017, Jonathan Anderson Uniqlo, Loewe, Samira Nasr Stylist, Spanish Fashion Design, Terry Tsiolis Photographer

ELLE Magazine selected Jonathan Anderson's Fall LOEWE coat dress for their 18 hot looks for 2017. Photographer Terry Tsiolis created the rich world the look deserves - stylist Samira Nasr really made it look like the dream sequence you deserve! Polka-dot Coat Dress with Oversized Cuff and Collar - $2,690.00 - embellished Satin Sandals -$890.00 both LOEWE - wool Beret Kangol-$45.00In the world of luxury fashion in 2017 there are fewer and fewer "Houses" that you can always count on to make you stop and take notice. LOEWE FALL 17 POLKA-DOT COAT DRESS AS SEEN ON THE RUNWAY At least for me, there is a small group that I trust to really deliver luxury and design. For the most part, it is the usual suspects - Hermes, Chanel, and Ferragamo come to mind.  One that most American's probably don't reference is Loewe.   I've written about it many times.. but the Spanish house is wonderfully under the radar, in a way that is almost as rewarding as the designs itself.  It's like the Raleigh Hotel when it was run by Balazs.

Anyway, Loewe (say Low-ev-ayy) does not disappoint for Fall 2017.  Creative director Jonathan Anderson gives every piece the attention it deserves to stand on it's own- as one SHOULD expect at a luxury house.   The polka-dots got me... and then LOEWE small PUZZLE BAG in calfskin - $2,350.00seeing that coat come to life in Elle Magazine is more exciting than it should be!  Shot by photographer Terry Tsiolis for Elle's 18 (hottest looks) for 17 - it was styled so excellent on the go by Samira Nasr The collection has so much to see!.. honestly - there is so much that a new designer could just pick looks and run with it for many collections to come.  I would be lying if I said that you could say a big "trend" from the collection was polka-dots - but that coat dress just won't let me go! 

*Side Note - Anderson's own capsule collection with fast fashion retailer UNIQLO is in stores NOW!!

Not to mention- in a world of designer handbags that look one-like-the-other..  Loewe created a new shape and made it their signature.   Buy one.. Buy two ..  You will have them for the rest of your life - if you want to! 

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