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MILEY CYRUS - MALIBUThe sun and sand of dreamy Malibu, California has been inspiring people for as long as there have been inhabitants of the West Coast of the United States.  For the last 80 years, Malibu has also been known as the playground of the rich and famous of Hollywood.  When those stars of the big screen talked about a "beach house", they usually mean one in Malibu.

Miley Cyrus is the latest artist to publicly be inspired by this pristine oceanfront stretch of land through her single MALIBU.  It's sweet and direct as Miley thanks that special someone in her life for introducing her to the beautiful beeches of Malibu.  It's one of the pop songs of the Summer of 17, with those unmistakable Country references that only Miley Cyrus can pull off so effortlessly.  As a born and raised Nashville star herself, and child of another, a strength of Miley's music is that she has all those country references in her toolbox. 

Miley's perfectly casual beach style is maybe the best argument for a long sleeve sweater over a bikini bottom I've ever seen.  There is someone so innocent, yet sensual about the style, and of course Cyrus herself.  There's an unbridled energy there that she always has just beneath the surface.  She is Lolita incarnate, but as sweet as Apple Pie as well.  MILEY ON THE BEACH IN MALIBU

If you can watch the video without wanting to plan a trip to the beach, you just might be a bot!

Click below to download the single or watch the video. MILEY performs MALIBU at the 2017 Billboad Music Awards   See you at the beach!

I can't NOT mention that amazing tune Malibu from a very different artist - Courtney Love and her band HOLE back in the 90's..COURTNEY LOVE / HOLE - MALIBU  It's still one of my favorite driving songs!  Click LOVE MALIBU to hear that one. 

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