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The tranquil beauty of a late Summer pink sky in Connecticut - PH: Jason JobsonThere are many colors thought of as classics in the fashion world, and in life.  Black, White, Navy, and for certain areas of the United States - Pink.  Pink is a staple in the warmer, sunnier parts of the US, and more of a novelty in cities like New York or Chicago.  ACNE STUDIOS - Wool & Cashmere notched collar coat - $1,410.00There is something about the amount of sunlight and temperature that a place gets throughout the year that changes the way people relate to colors in their life.   

Pink is romantic, pretty, natural, and calming to list just a few appealing qualities to this color found so beautifully in nature.  For Fall 2016, fashion designers creating the most exclusive collections showcased stunning items in various shades of pink.  GUCCI FALL 2016 PINK SILK DRESS The chic effect PINK has when mixed with black and white. This Salvatore Ferragamo Silk Blouse and reptile handbag with gold chain strap in stores now.

In world of makeup and beauty of course pink is a staple every season, in every category.  CHANEL is one brand that leads the industry in using the color pink.  One of the most popular items are lip gloss and lipsticks.YSL PINK LIP GLOSS STUNNING PINK HYDRAGEAS SEEN IN CONNECTICUT - PH: JASON JOBSON  To see examples available at Nordstrom - click - CHANEL LIP GLOSS.   YSL is also a leader in all things pink in their collection. 

It's no surprise so many gardeners around the world choose pink flowers and plants for their own gardens.  What is more beautiful than flowers like these pink hydrangeas.

Of course, the attraction to pink could be due to the most natural, if not evolutionary reasons.  Most mammals are pinker in color in the most delicate parts of the body from face, to hands, to genitals.  Of course we are soothed by, and drawn to the color - in all shades.

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