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PHARRELL WILLIAMS AT THE GRAMMY'S - HAT - VINTAGE VIVIENNE WESTWOOD-PH: LESTER COHEN - WIREIMAGEIf you listen to the radio - you have head Pharrell Williams latest single - HAPPY.  Created for the animated film Despicable Me II, the tune is about as infectious a song as any you will hear.  Pharrell is one of those super talented guys that really represent his generation.  Williams has been creating hits for over a decade and his body of work as a producer is insane.  PHARRELL WILLIAMS SHOWS OFF HIS SHORT-TUX STYLE AT THE 86TH ANNUAL ACADAMY AWARDS WITH WIFE HELEN LASICHANH - PH: JORDAN STRAUSS Having worked with Kellis, Jay Z, Madonna, Nelly, Britney Spears, Snoop Dogg, and on and on - that would be more than most could hope for as a successful career.  Add to this Pharrell work with his band mates and childhood friends in N.E.R.D. - which has a successful fan base around the world.   Then throw in collaborations with major acts like Madonna and Gwen Stefani.  Now at 41, Pharrell has achieved his biggest success to date with HAPPY.   The song is pure joy and it is connecting with audiences from 8 to 80.   Pharrell recently visited the Ellen Degeneres show where he helped donate funds to underprivileged children in Detroit who were surprised while performing HAPPY in their chorus.  The pure joy and happiness those kids expressed almost brought him to tears, but it was Oprah Winfrey herself who did in fact make Pharrell weap tears of joy talking about the song and the happiness it is causing everywhere!PHARRELL WILLIAMS - GIRL

In addition to all this talent, this man can dress.  His "so cool you won't get until next year" style is trend-setting for sure.  This guy has made any shorts looks cool and even look appropriate at the Oscars.  His latest trademark is the Mounted Trooper style scout hat created by Vivienne Westwood years ago - yes.. it's #VINTAGE.   So Cool!

Click through Pharrell's songs now and add a few to your workout mix now!  How could I know mention "GET LUCKY" - the duet with DAFT PUNK that played so often on the radio it caused some to bleed from their ears (ok, not actually bleed- but it was played SO OFTEN).  Listen to Pharrell now and - GET HAPPY!   Watch the music video below - try not to dance.

The New Album - GIRL is out now. 

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