Monday, August 20, 2012 at 11:14PM
JASON JOBSON in ArtHamptons fair, J. Lohmann Gallery, Nova's Ark Bridgehampton, Park Avenue Armory, Sandra Davolio

The SANDRA DAVOLIO PORCELAIN VESSEL AT J. LOHMANN GALLERY recent Fine Art Fair in Brigdehampton in July proved to have an upbeat mood.  The ArtHamptons fair seems to have built a loyal following of serious collectors and casual viewers creating a great social mix.   Great art and great people watching - both pastimes are rarely surpassed outside of New York, and especially in the Hamptons.

One standout exhibitor has become a show favorite.   J. Lohmann Gallery (NYC) consistently presents pieces that stop you in your tracks.   His curating skills are fine tuned, and his choice of artists - a true talent in itself.   He is the exclusive gallery in the U.S. of Ceramist Sandra Davolio (Italy & Denmark). 

Davolio has an amazing ability to create vessels that mimic nature.  They somehow feel like undiscovered coral reefs from some underwater cavern on another planet.   They are stunning, and Lohmann's eye for selecting the most unique items to showcase in his collection is a delight to experience.    Be sure to see J. Lohmann Gallery during the next exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory in September.   Click image above to see more.

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