Saturday, February 20, 2016 at 2:18PM
JASON JOBSON in Bridal Jewelry, Engagement rings, Handmade jewelry, N+A Jewelry, Wedding rings

Gold Engagement ring - n+a new york approx- $2,400.00Sisters Noriko and Akiko Sugawara have been designing jewelry from their TriBeCa studio for 10 years.  14k yellow gold and black diamonds - n+a new york - approx $580.00The two were born and raised in Japan, and bring a beautiful aesthetic from that culture to their incredible jewelry designs.  With the n+a new york collection, they create white and gold jewelry that express nature in a seemingly delicate way, even though these creations will last a lifetime. 

After countless requests and special orders from avid fans, N+A has launched a dedicated Bridal Collection. 14k gold and diamond ring - n+a new york - approx $500.00 Of course it makes sense.  Why should brides (and fiance's) be forced to choose the most important piece of jewelry she will ever wear - when there is little available that reallywhite gold and diamond ring - n+a new york - approx $5,500.00 represents her style. 

The designs speak for themselves.  Click over to see more, as there is a full assortment behind each category.  The pieces are wonderful for brides of course, but also a great option for Bridal party gifts.

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