Tuesday, February 21, 2017 at 9:41PM
JASON JOBSON in Bird watching, Birders, Birding, Birdlove, Leila Jeffreys, books, feathered friends

Leila Jeffreys hypnotic book BIRDLOVE just might be the best gift idea I've seen in years.  Everything about it is pleasing.  The subject matter of course, is intoxicating.  Who doesn't love birds?  These magical creatures defy our concept of what could be "natural" with portrait style shots of the most costumed and coifed birds you have ever seen. FINE ART PHOTOG LEILA JEFFREYS CAPTURES STUNNING DETAIL IN BIRD LOVE From parrots to chicken hawks, to owls, to eagles, it's impossible to say which bird is most majestic, most beautiful, or most regal.  

The large, oversized pages are indulgent, and the art direction is incredibly chic.   Then the price - retailing at $40.00, it feels so much more expensive making it that much more of a wonderful gift to any hostess, or any housewarming, or birthday, or you name it.   This Australian based photographer finds the personality in all of her feathered subjects.  Be them proud, coy, timid, or imposing - you will probably recognize someone you know.  

Click images to find out more about Jeffreys or to purchase the book.   These fascinating creatures are beautiful, inspiring artists and fashion designers. 

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